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About Us

Drexel Cycling exists to promote cycling inside and outside the Drexel University community. We aim to promote the sport of cycling and heighten involvement, knowledge, experience, and enjoyment of the sport by putting cyclists in contact with each other through meetings and mailing lists, organizing regular group rides, and attending events such as races and charity rides. The club has a very loose structure and encourages participation in group rides and mailing list discussions from all Drexel students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as individuals not affiliated with Drexel University.

At the core of the club is the Drexel University Cycling Team, which participates in collegiate road and mountain bike races from the northern edge of Vermont to the southernmost points in Maryland. Our team is a consistent presence within our conference, frequently qualifying riders for the collegiate national championships and placing high in team rankings. The team receives substantial assistance from Drexel University as well as our sponsors to support the costs of traveling to and competing in collegiate races. Club and team members also compete in many non-collegiate races as well as non-traditional cycling competitions such as endurance races, cyclocross, and triathlons.


Membership in the club is very informal. We encourage everyone to join our mailing list and start getting involved in our regular group rides. Only current Drexel University undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in collegiate racing as part of Drexel Cycling.

Club Officers

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Attendance during Road Race season from 2007-present

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