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Army Weekend

Brendan and Chat warm up for the TTT

Brett running through the parking lot after proving he is indeed a licensed rider

The Drexel C TTT team on the way to the start

Tim and Andy E. (Alumni) doing as the wooden training structure says

Andy demonstrating how to properly descend the structure after Tim decided to just slide down it, which is not recommended

Tim showing how to properly warm-up or Tim showing what he does when he doesn't have to do a TTT

Tim performing the role of mechanic for the team prior to the start of the Men's C race

Brett on the startline for the Men's C circuit race

Brent on the startline of the Men's C race

Nick and Brett on the climb with Joe in the background, showing that yes he does ride his bike

Nick showing off the dollar prime he won

Brent showing what it takes to go up the climb

Brett enjoying himself after he the other dollar prime

Brent hanging with the lead group

Dollars seem to have run out, so now its on to PB&J sandwiches

But the winner has to grap it while riding

The people (Drexel/BU) responsible for the dollars and prizes, who may have caused a crash with them

Who us??

Steve B (alumni) showing the effort required to wake up early and walk up a hill

Chat is happy he's done racing and can now drink coffee, or that he's about to get back his camera

Tim having to walk his bike up the hill to the start

Nick representing Drexel in the Hill Climb after most of the team got lost and decided to get breakfast instead

Brendan hanging in with the Men's D field during the Crit

Charles discussing his broken chain with Tim and Kyle (BU)

Chat hanging in with the Men's D field

Mark hiding the fact that he races with Drexel to confuse the other teams

Mark muscling his way to a top 10

The D racers giving some advice to the C racers before they go off

Joe racing with one of the fields during the Crit

Brett during the C crit

Nick going through the first corner of the course

Brett and Nick plotting how to turn the field inside out

Tim trying to act like a runner

The game face is out and ready to fight

Nick trying to get away from the field

Tim getting advice from his "coach"

The team hanging out during the Men's A race

Tim showing off his poker face

Plotting how to make something happen during the A race

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