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Bucknell Easter Weekend Race

The Men's D TTT team discuss tatics for their ride

The Men's D TTT team before the start of their winning time ride

The team seems to have split up right away, but that was part of the plan

Tim acting like he nows whats going on so he doesn't have to do a TTT

Mark and Tim discuss proper replacement frame number fonts

What the team does while they wait for Tim to get done his race

The Men's A field rolls through

Tim sitting in the Men's A pack

Brent and his new best buddy

Tim shows what racing the first A road race of the year fells like

This is what happens to Joe's car after a certain team from Boston shows up at night

Brett rolls through a tricky corner with the Men's D field

Chat hangs onto the back of the D field

A blury photo of the possible person responsible for the post-it notes

Calahan sitting in the D field hoping to not end up on the wrong side of a field split

Brett going through the bottom corner of the course

Calahan recoving on the slight climb on the course

Brent and Mark waiting for the end of the Men's D field

Brent going through the tricky cornering sequence on the crit course

Mark hanging onto the back of the Men's C field

Mark riding along the downhill of the course

A closeup of Brent sporting a long sleeve skinsuit that is the key to riding fast

Brent hanging in with the C field

Tim hanging in with the Men's A field

Tim after a tough effort during the Crit

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