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Eastern's at Dartmouth

Warming up for the TTT

Ben (BU) showing how to properly care bananas

Charles during the crit

Brendan hanging onto the back of the field

Hey, I see you

Brent once again listening to Tim and using a long sleeved skinsuit for the Crit

Nick leaning into a corner during the Crit

Brett taking all of the oxygen away from the rest of the field

Hey, this is our last collegiate crit of the year

Nick and Brett working together to hang with the field

'''Charles showing off his mohawk cortesy of Kyle (BU)

Tim taking the corners at speed during the A race

Tim making sure he stays on the good side of the splits in the field

Chat getting ready for his first road race in Vermont

Charles after finishing the road race

Charles riding back down to the cars

Not quite fast enough to trigger the speed sensor

Tim during the Road Race

The Drexel Cycling Team after the last race of the Road Season

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