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Datmouth-UNH Weekend 2011

Brendan staring down the camera man

Tom getting the hang of the Men's D field

Bryan enjoying going up the small climb on the course

Julia once again hanging tough with the Women's A racers

It's flash, or atleast his cousin that wants to be as fast

The team hanging out in the hallway of the school hoping it will stop raining

Nick travelled with us to see what New England road races are like

Brett may or might not be alive anymore

Julia finishing strong after having her chain drop

Tim soloing away from the field to join a Mcgill rider for a 40 mile breakaway

Where's my water, what you thought I'd be with the pack and not up the road

Really, Tim was off the front of a Men's A race for a long time

And it didn't work out in the end, but atleast it was fun

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