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USAC Collegiate Nationals 2009

The interior of the Hilton that we were staying out, there is a Starbucks in the corner out of the picture

The mountains of the road course

The mountains of the road course

Out preriding the road race course

Tim waiting at the top of a climb while previewing the course

Testing out the climbing legs at altitude, yep I have white bib shorts

Relaxing at the back of the BU/BC/Tufts/Union/Drexel/Mt. Holoyoke ride

Getting water from Caitlin and Joe through the feed zone

Leading the group through the descent right before the sharp turn despite getting pushed around like a ping pong ball by the wind

Getting killed in the finishing sprint in the road race

Sitting in the middle of the pack during the crit, I'm the one still going through the corner

Chilling after the crit at a Ft. Collins restaurant

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