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Eastern's at Penn State 2011

Tim getting coffee for the announcer, aka Steve

Who is this charming guy?

The new D-unit getting ready for their last race

Tom leaning into one of the turns

Tom pulling his best Tim impression as he passes the camera

Mervin holding on for dear life

Brendan showing off his guns in order to get a front row start

Mark rocking out with his new bike

Mark trying to make safety glasses come back into style

Brendan trying to show off is 3 pieces of chest hair for the walks of shame

Brendan can't get rid of those UDel riders

Bryan trying to hang with whats left of a large Men's C field

Brett on his solo breakaway in his flash underwear

Brett leaning into one of the many corners on course

Julia going off the front of the Women's A/B field

Tim during the rain soaked Men's A race

Tim after going down in his last race with Drexel

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