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Princeton Crit

Calahan during the crit

Chat during the crit

Calahan putting in the effort to hold the wheels up the hill

Brett works to close the gaps

Brett and Calahan during the Men's D race

Calahan at the finish

Alan F. at the start of the Men's C race

Alan giving the look to his fellow racers

Alan powers to the finish as the UPenn rider looks at himself losing to Alan

Steve Z. listening to the instructions during the Intro Clinic

Tim instructs the Intro riders on how to stick out your tongue

Steve doing bumping drills with a Nova rider

Steve races the courses as Nathan of BU watches as Steve rides away

Steve finishing up his races around the hilly crit course

Victoria eyes up her compitition before the start of the Women's C race

Victoria leads around the Women's field

Victoria sitting in the pack

Tim adjusts his seat during the Men's A crit

Tim sits in the pack during the crit

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