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Rutger's and Princeton's Season Opener Showdown

Dave during the Crit

Victoria during the circuit race

Dave winning the Circuit race

Some of the team warming up for the first race of the season, the ITT

One "A" rider (Tim) entering the frame as another exits it(Dan)

Alan and Ryan during the D men crit

Ryan during the crit

Brent showing off his muscles through a corner during the D crit

Brent going thru one of the turns during the crit

Matt leads Adam through the corner during the B crit

Dan during the first A crit of the year

Dan leading Tim through the final corner

The roles reverse, though it doesn't look like Tim is suffering enough

Brian Kall leaning into the final corner of the crit course

Ryan during the D circuit on the second day of racing

Dan in the A field during the circuit

Tim with his game face on during the circuit

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