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Yale Weekend

D-Unit at the start line of the criterium

The D's are off and waiting in the back of the field to make their mark

Brett setting in the pack

Mark hanging onto the front group

Charles and Chat racing against the officials whistle

Chat putting in an effort

Pushing over the big ring

Charles showing the effort required to be the big man in the ECCC

Calahan and Mark sitting in the field

Charles and some normal sized person behind enjoy what is probably the best draft in the field

Calahan and Mark going through the final corner

Mark sitting in the field

Brent during the Men's C criterium

Nick in a state of concentration

Nick is hoping there is only one lap left

He wants you to join Drexel Cycling

Drexel taking over the front line of the Cat. 5 race

Everyone always seems so happy before the start

Drexel surronding Rob from BU/GLV to make sure he doesn't get away

Mark surronded by NYU riders

Chat shows the effort that is required after taking photos all day

Charles enjoying the first race weekend of the year without Tim

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