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2007 Lehigh Mountain Top Weekend

by Matthew Schoman

Lehigh hosted the start off the 2007 Easter Collegiate Cycling Conference mountain biking racing event. With the largest attendance of mountain bike riders from Drexel in many years, all in all the weekend turned out to be a big success. The races took place on both Saturday September 8th and Sunday the 9th. Attending from Drexel we had Courtney Reid racing womens A, Anna Fox racing womens B, Matt Schoman, Trevor Booz, Brett Kielick, and Ryan Shank racing in Mens C and Lou, Frank and Mike racing for Drexel Alumni. The cross country race took place on Saturday covering a 7mile loop. The race started off at the top of the mountain and literally took a three mile descent down tight twisty single track. The mile stretch of flat rolling terrain at the bottom of the hill quickly came to an end and we all of a sudden started making the three mile ascent up the steep mountain to the finish line. This is the part of the course where the real climbers take their pride. To Ryan, Brett and Trevor this was their first mountain racing experience. Ryan ended up getting 34th, Brett despite his lack of attendance at the start of the race ended up with 21st, Trevor proving his climbing abilities went from back of the pack at the start to 7th at the finish, and Matt despite some difficulty with his tires during the race managed to get 3rd. Courtney even surprised herself with a 2nd place finish in the prestigious Womens A, while having a great time. The Drexel alum showed us what happens after college with two DNF’s and Lou’s 4th place.

Day two started off with significantly lower attendance with just Matt, Brett and Ryan. The short track is a faster pace loop about half a mile long with minimal technicality. Ryan turned out with a 15th place, Brett who found a new found love for short track racing turned out in 6th place, and Matt who completely annihilated the rest of the field got his first 1st place. All in all Lehigh was a very successful race for Drexel, and we hope to keep attendance this high at the rest of the races this year.

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