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Results from Army 4/5-4/6

Circuit Race 4/5

Men's A DNF Brett Kielick

Men's B DNF Matt Schoman

Men's D DNF Aaron Walizer

Individual Hill Climb TT 4/6

Men's A (27 starters) 20th Brett Kielick

Men's B (37 starters) 37th Matt Schoman

Men's D (42 starters) 40th Aaron Walizer

Criterium 4/6

Men's A (38 starters) 23rd Brett Kielick

Men's B (46 starters) 43rd Matt Schoman

Men's D (65 starters) DNF Aaron Walizer

There was small attendance this weekend from Drexel's squad up at Army, perhaps for good reason. Wherever hills could be added to a course, they were - it was definitely not a weekend for larger riders and non-climbers. Saturday's circuit course vanquished all three Drexel riders in short order with a punishing climb after a long gradual rise. After a good night of rest and some awesome food at Schades, the three Drexel riders returned Sunday morning for a punishing hill climb time trial. Again, all three riders felt the relentless pull of gravity and fared poorly against their competition although Brett did somehow manage to pick up 1 point with his 20th place finish. The crit was not looking good either as part of the course ran on the start of the hill climb course. Aaron had a mechanical and was forced to withdraw while Matt suffered through the punishing crit course. Brett managed to hang tight with the pack but was slowed up behind a crash on the last lap and was not able to position himself well for the final sprint up the hill. Probably the most noteworthy news of the weekend for Drexel was a big move up to B's for Matt Schoman after demolishing the competition in C's for several weekends. With a large group of riders making the trip to Boston next weekend, hopefully Drexel will regain their composure and start racking up some serious points again.


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