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Boston Beanpot

TTT Saturday 7th-Drexel-Tim Manzella, Adam Leman, Matt Schoman(mostly ITT contribution)

Road race Saturday

Men's A 46 starters

  • DNF Brett Kielick

Men's B 57 starters

  • 12th Tim Manzella
  • 40th Adam Leman
  • DNF Matt Schoman

Criterium Sunday

Men's A 37 starters

  • 19th Brett Kielick

Men's B 52 starters

  • 21st Tim Manzella
  • 29th Adam Leman
  • 45th Matt Schoman

The famous Boston Beanpot lived up to its expectations as one of the best collegiate races of the season. With all the hype over the race, the big drexel attendance came out to a final of 4 racers. Although the weather was looking less than desirable for Saturday we ended up having the nicest day thus far. The time trial started out on wet roads gleaming in the sun. Matt was apparently on a different agenda when Adam and Tim took 7th place in the TTT. The road race consisted of a 13mile loop which the B's took four of and the A's took five. Matt and Brett apparently were no match for the mountains that day, however Adam and Tim tackled it with ease and even managed to get some points in. Sunday's slightly less appealing weather left us with a constant damp road for the highly technical Criterium. Six 90 degree slippery corners kept everyone in constant fear of the lap to come, however we all did well and a big celebration for Matt who managed to place ahead of other riders in the B field.


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