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Bilenky Junkyard Race December 2008
By Trevor Booz

So this "cross" race was really more of an unclassified type of race. I would highly recommend anyone doing this race have their tetnus shot before going. But in all seriousness, it was awesome. I met up with Willem in the morning (we were both kind of questioning going since it was freezing cold and soaking wet out) and we took 5th street all the way through North Philly from Independence Hall to North of Roosevelt Blvd. A few more turns and we arrive at this place we think is the bike shop, very rugged looking building surrounded by the railroad and junkyard. After going inside and seeing the plethora of metal, metal cutting and welding tools, and bike frames we sign up for the race. Brett and Ryan had also decided to brave the weather (albeit not really braving when you drive your car there) to come and check out the race. After paying 5 bucks we get styrofoam plates and packing tape and are instructed to put our numbers on the left side (the numbers were written in permanent marker on the styrofoam plates). After shooting the shit for a while the race starts to take some organized form and people line up on the starting line. Two groups went, the odd numbers and the even numbers, with about 20 people in each group. Now the course was something I had never seen before....

We started the course with a bumpy fairly wide wholeshot down the cement driveway, doing a 180 and running into a series of hurdles (railroad ties which were totally ridable). After going through the hurdles we go through a chain link fence, past a mobile home and some random tires, and enter the junkyard. There are tons of puddles and tons of turns which pit you within inches of sharp jagged metal car parts and such (i actually found a shiny kitchen knife while spectating) while you work your way through the maze of car bodies. After battling some old railroad ties mixed in with the oil/antifreeze/ water puddles and dirt, you came upon an 18 wheeler trailer. A ramp took riders up through the backdoor and into the trailer, exiting out another ramp from the side. This part of the course turned into a drift track since the trailer was completely tilted the opposite way which people were riding. After exiting the trailer you made your way through some more maze of cars and then into the corridor between the old buildings. Here there was a puddle about 1 foot deep that was pretty fun to ride straight through (there was a way to the side but pshh that way was for wimps or people who actually cared) After snaking through the hagard concrete pathways you ended up back at the start for another 8 some odd laps.

By the end we were all soaked, thank goodness for the warm wood stove placed conveniently outside next to the track.

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