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Cat Classic Race Report May 2008
By Trevor Booz

So I thought I would write up a race report for the fun times that were had out in Williamsport, PA this weekend at the CAT Classic Mountain bike race. The weekend started out with some camping, no other Drexel members yet but just two adventurous friends of mine, of course arriving late and having to set up the tent in the dark amidst the field of antique Caterpillar construction equipment, a very eerie equipment graveyard. Instead of making a new campfire we just decided to befriend the group of people who already had a pretty decent one going, you can't go camping without toasting some marshmallows. We were awoken the next morning by the sounds of the PA system testing and U2 beautiful day blaring over the PA system. After pounding down some food I ran into Courtney and Mark and did some nice race warm up with them, preriding the beginning sections of the course so we knew how to dominate the competition from the get go. Tons of riders continued to show up throughout the morning making for some big fields for the races to come. The organizers definitely enjoyed mass starts, mens, womens and single speeds of each class all started together. Mark, Courtney and I all lined up for the sport race, 2 7.5 mile loops through the rocky rolling technical terrain of central PA. I had heard the course was technical but I really didnt have any clue just how technical it was. It appeared that all the organizers did was take a rake and remove the leaves to create a trail. This wasnt a pre- established trail system, just some private land the organizers did their yearly race on. The race started out with a decent uphill on some rolling grassy farm roads, a good way to spread the pack out before entering the freshly raked single track. Once through the single track the pack was definitely spread out, we rode over tons of rocks, around some ponds, through tons of mud, and even through the notorious death valley. Each lap ended with a serious climb which provided an excellent opportunity to move from a middle starting position to the front 1/4 of the pack. When all was said and done I believe the leading time for the sport class was somewhere around 1:51, I managed to finish up with 2:09, Mark on his singlespeed with about 2:27, and Courtney still managed to get about 3:00 even with her wheel falling off several times and getting stuck behind the beginner pack. This placed me at 7th for Sport men 19-34 years old and 14th for overall sport, Mark 2nd out of the two brave singlespeeders that decided to give this course a go leading him to a podium spot and a chance to get some swag, and I am not too sure what place Courtney got for the women. There were probably about 50 people competing in the sport class so it was a good day for us Drexel riders. This course was pretty awesome so more people should come out next year, maybe get a decent sized camping turnout as well. Courtney decided to show us where some pretty awesome home made ice cream was that was only 1.50 for a decent sized cone, good post ride snack, followed up by some pretty amazing Joe's cheese steaks, the rolls made the difference. As a follow up to the awesome events of the day my friends and I decided to go out and experience the bars at Williamsport that weekend along with Lycoming College since they graduated that same weekend.

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