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Columbia/Princeton University Weekend Race Report, 3/15-3/16

Saturday 3/15 Criterium

Men's B

  • 4th Brett Kielick
  • 15th Dan Lavelle
  • 40th Tim Manzella

Men's C

  • 1st Matthew Schoman

Men's D

  • 5th Ryan Shank

Sunday 3/16 Circuit

Mens's B

  • 26th Timothy Manzella
  • 36th Adam Leman
  • 40th Brett Kielick

Men's C

  • 5th Matthew Schoman

Men's D

  • 23rd Ryan Shank

Drexel Cycling began the weekend before finals at the Columbia University Grants Tomb Criterium. The course was smooth and featured a technical block of riding through the city with a steep incline before a g-force churning circle to the finish line. The first racing toeing the line was Ryan Shank in the DII field race. Ryan rode masterfully in the field and read the finishing straight perfectly finishing up in 5th place. The next race featured Matt Schoman, the pointís leader for the C category. Riding in the pack and marking the other contenders for the overall, the pack came into the final lap all together, and ready for a field sprint. Matt unleashed his remarkable sprint to win the sprint, adding to his points total and his overall lead. In the B race, Brett Kielick, Dan Lavelle, and Tim Manzella, all lined up for the there moment of pain. All of the Drexel riders rode at the front of the race, marking anybody trying to go off the front, and going for the amazing cookie primes the existed. As with the previous races, the pack was altogether for the final sprint, with Brett getting 4th, Dan 15th, and Tim 40th. Dan and Tim then relaxed for a couple of hours before heading out to race the category 3/4 race with Drexel Alum Stefan. The field was over 120 riders which led to a sketchy race for the first half until the field became thinned out. It was an interesting race with Stefan getting a death threat sent against him after he had a rider bounce off of him and Dan before screaming at Stefan while he was falling. Tim and Dan both tried solo breaks on the final couple laps, but were unsuccessful due to the large number of teams in the race. The pack came in for the final sprint with the UVM rider who won the B racing winning the 3/4 race. Dan and Tim finished in the pack in 32nd and 47th out of 117 riders, respectively and Stefan getting 45th place.

After studying for finals at the hotel rooms, the Drexel Cycling team lined up for the new Princeton University circuit race. The course was flat as a pancake and windy during parts of it. Ryan Shank began the action in the combined D fields. Staying up near the front during the race and avoiding any trouble, Ryan finished in 23rd. Matt Schoman then lined up for the C race. Riding like yesterday, Schoman stayed at the front of the race. The flat course and wind did not allow for any breaks leading to another pack finish, with Matt getting 5th place. For the B race, with the weather slightly warmer, but still windy, Adam Leman, Brett Kielick, and Tim Manzella lined up for the start. With Brett staying up near the front, and Adam trying his hand at creating breakaways, Tim stayed at the back spinning out his sore legs, vowing never to race two hard races in one day, and then trying to race the next day. Brett ended up getting a flat half way through the race, causing Tim to have to ignore the pain and work at the front to maintain Drexelís reputation in the B field. Brett ended up getting a spare wheel and finishing up the race in 40th after trying to catch back up to the field. After chasing down a late breakaway, Tim and Adam finished in the pack in 26th and 36th place. Thus ended the weekend, with all riders worn out and having to get home to study for the upcoming finals the next day.

-Timothy Manzella

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