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ECCC Week #10 4/26-27 - Easterns at Dartmouth


Menís A

  • 27th Brett Kielick

Menís B

  • 10th Tim Manzella

Road Race

Menís A

  • 34th Brett Kielick

Menís B

  • 20th Tim Manzella

The last weekend of the road race season in the ECCC saw a small crew of Drexel riders going up to Dartmouth in far far away Hanover, New Hampshire to race Easterns for glory and double points. The trip started on Friday night with a long 6 hour drive to New England. Joe and Tim arrived at the hotel before Brett and headed to the store right next to the hotel to get a tooth brush for Joe, and Dove ice cream bars, which only Tim took because Joe, despite saying he would didnít feel like having that many calories. Joeís tooth brush was then found a couple of minutes later, making the purchase unnecessary.

After waking up at some really early hour, Tim and Joe went to the TTT to watch all the other teams go off before heading over to the crit course and checking at the technical crit that Dartmouth came up with. Brett slept in and worked on his crazy architectural project that has a carbon fiber roof, totally sweet, but he would have to buy out the entire bike industry and Boeing in order to get that much carbon fiber. After checking out the course, bets where then placed on how many riders would end up in the pond that was along the very sharp 4th corner. Needless to say, no rider went into the drink, but a couple of people came very close to doing it with one rider going down the grass hill and coming within a couple feet of the pond. Joe then suited up for the Menís D and Menís C races, riding along 10 feet off the back of the pack dodging through all of the mayhem and dropped riders to get some mileage in for the weekend, he would later go onto race in the Menís B race too. Joe has probably raced in more races this year than any other person, yet as no points to show for it in 3 different divisions. Tim and Joe then coached the Menís and Womenís Intro fields for the last crit that they would do for the year. After the experience of riding the course a couple of times, Tim took to the Menís B crit. Sitting in the field for the majority of the race, Tim moved to the front of the race with a couple of laps left by passing people on the hill that followed corner 4. Being in good position for the first time this season in the finishing sprint, Tim placed 10th in the crit, behind a breakaway by a PSU and UVM rider. Next to race with Brett in the Menís A race. Brett rode with the main pack after the top riders of the field all broke away in the beginning. Some of these riders, namely a certain Nick Frey from Princeton ended up lapping the field, and then riding away from the field for the victory. Brett hung onto the pack, despite getting dropped almost everytime up the hill that seemed to get harder each lap and then catching up on the finishing straight to finish 27th in the crit.

After cleaning up, Drexel headed over to the banquet, which turned out to be a couple of feet from the crit. Drexel didnít realize this until afterwards, and probably ended up parking farther away than when they were at the crit course. The food was mostly gone by the time Drexel got there due to the fact that the banquet started in the middle of the Menís A race, so the crew went to Boloco to get dinner. After the mountain bike meeting, Tim and Joe walked all around Dartmouthís campus trying to figure out where they parked Joeís car, which turned out to be in the middle of the circle they had been walking in. Getting back to the hotel, Drexel decided to watch Parking Wars on TV and laughed at all of the people that get tickets in Philly on the show.

On Sunday, Drexel woke up to rain weather, and slightly chill weather conditions. Tim debated not racing until Joe told him that he would not have a ride home if he didnít, that and it stopped rain and actually became sunny out after a couple of hours. Tim and Joe once again suited up for the Intro race, leading the menís and womenís fields around the small 13 mile loop. After arriving and changing wheels and tires a bunch of times, Brett mounted up for the 102 mile Menís A road race. The race consisted of 2 51 mile loops which each had 2 long hills on them, along with some very fast downhill runs. Brett got dropped on the 2nd long hill but was able to rejoin the field through the finishing straight of the first lap, before getting dropped again on the 2nd lap of the race. Brett along with a rider from Delaware raced together to the finished a respectable 34th for the longest race he has ever done. Tim then lined up for the 63 mile B race, which was one small 13 mile loop and one large 51 mile. Race pace was pretty relaxed until the first climb, enough so that Joe, who was riding along, was complaining about it in the back of the field. After the first climb, which about half way through ended up in the fog, a bunch of riders were off the back, with a couple of them joining back on during the descent. When the second climb came around, the field got really broken up. The hill was about 5 miles long and went up about 2000 feet. Tim was in a group of about 10 which was behind a group of about the same number in front. By the top of the climb, the front group had a gap of a minute, but the group that Tim and Joe were in had nobody else behind them. The descent was really fast and smooth with the group being able to pick up a couple of riders from the front group. The group then started pace lining in the hope of getting up to the lead climbers. About a mile or 2 from the finish the group saw the front group through the last turn and picked up the pace in the hope of getting up to them. On the finishing straight, the group was insight, but the catch could not be made. Tim tried to win the group sprint, but getting out of the saddle for the sprint, his legs failed and he could not get up to speed, though he ended up finished 20th.

So ends the Drexel Cycling Road Season. Drexel ended up finishing 12th overall in Division II, with points in every Category and every discipline. Brett will be racing for one more weekend, when he goes to Nationals in 2 weeks out in Colorado Springs. Nice job to everyone who raced and see you all on the roads.

-Tim Manzella

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