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PSU Weekend


Road Race

Men's A

  • 22nd Brett Kielick

Men's B

  • 27th Adam Leman
  • DNF Dan Lavelle
  • DNF Tim Manzella

Men's C

  • DNF Doug Markgraf

Men's D

  • 42nd Ryan Shank
  • 57th Andy Evensen



Men's A

  • 1st Brett Kielick

Men's B

  • 20th Adam Leman
  • 25th Dan Lavelle
  • 27th Tim Manzella

Men's C

  • 47th Doug Markgraf

Men's D

  • 16th Ryan Shank
  • 35th Andy Evensen


Men's A

  • 18th Brett Kielick

Men's B

  • 8th Dan Lavelle
  • 32nd Adam Leman
  • DNF (3 Sprint Points) Tim Manzella

Men's C

  • 22nd Doug Markgraf

Men's D

  • 4th Ryan Shank
  • 13th Andy Evensen

Drexel decided to end its spring break in fashion by going up to Penn State and racing. Riding through the darkness and listening to Cool Running and having Dan dance to Footloose in the car, the team arrived at the hotel in the darkness, wondering what awaited them tomorrow, only to discover an indoor pool and whirlpool at the hotel.

The team awoke on Saturday for the road race at Black Moshannon Park. This course was 21 miles long with a 5 mile hill, which PSU claimed was less than 1800ft of climbing, but that is doubtful after the discover that for 3 laps in the A race the total elevation was over 6000ft. First to start off for Drexel, was Doug Markgraf in the C race. Doug gutted it out for the first of the two laps before deciding to stop after one trip over the beast of a climb. Ryan Shank and Andy Evensen both toed the line for the D race, which was one lap over the course. Both finished well, riding in solo due to the climb breaking up a chance of a pack finish, with Ryan in 42 and Andy 57 in place. Brett Kielick then suited up for his A race on his monstrosity of a bike to take on the hill three times. Brett completed all of his laps and ended up riding in solo 22nd, only two places away from getting points. Next to race were the B team, of Adam Leman, Dan Lavelle, and Tim Manzella. All three riders patrolled the front of the group before the climb hit, and they realized how stupid their tactics were. Tim and Dan stuck together on the climb and came through the first lap with a group behind Adam. Both of them decided with Wes from Temple, that one lap over the mountain was enough. Adam ended up continuing with Carl from ‘Nova and finished in 27th place.

The team gathered with what was left of their legs and headed to the banquet. The course of pasta and salad were served before the Rita Italian Water Ice hit the counter. After enjoying the vanilla cake flavor, the team encountered Joe who suddenly became as hyper as a 5 year old and started challenging every team that was left at the banquet to a scoop off at the creamery. Lesson to the wise, never let Joe have Italian water ice, it’s a bad idea. Joe ended up getting about 50+ people to come to the creamery for the scoop off. For some reason, somebody thought it would be great if everyone raced to the creamery, which ended up with people sprinting to get in the door first, with Andy losing to Elise from Cortland. Due to the massive amount of people that came, everyone ended up having to wait for ice cream. Unfortunately Drexel lost the scoop off, when its big man, Brett, couldn’t compete with Stefan who ended up getting ice cream along with two sticky buns. Brett could have won, but didn’t follow Tim’s advice off just getting a ½ gallon of ice cream and eating that instead of waiting in line. After this the team, waddled back to the hotel to rest for the time trial and crit in state college. Everyone wne to sleep except for Brett who had to stay up to finish his time trial bike that he had been building the whole weekend.

The team awoke to cold temperature for the time trial, but all of us decided to go out for the 4.5 miles of coldness. Much amusement was gained when Brett was witnessed still building up his tt bike until about 2 minutes before he had to race. I have been warned by our highly qualified lawyer, Joe, to recommend that nobody out there do this before a race. But despited having just finished building it, Brett went on the win the A time trial. The first A victory that Drexel has ever had, maybe there's something to building your bike the whole weekend. In the D race Ryan ended up getting 16th and Andy got 35th place. There was much complaining after the race by the D riders that the course was not as flat as Joe claimed it was. Tim countered by saying that anything that doesn’t climb 2000ft within 2 miles is considered flat by Joe. Doug ended up getting 47th in the C race. In the B ITT, Adam ended up getting 20th, Dan 25th, and Tim 27th.

The team then quickly moved over to downtown State College for the crit before all of the Obama supporters got into town. They then spent the next 2 hours looking for some kinda of café the served food and wasn’t completely pack. Adam then took over the mic for the race along with Kyle Burley and Chris Hair from BU. This turned out to be a very amusing combination of announcers for the race, though the phrase “cave of pain” may no longer be used, you're all on notice. With the weather warming up, the D racers took to the 1 kilometer 6 corner crit. With an early break getting away and holding off the pack, Ryan ended up finishing 2nd in the pack sprint and 4th overall, and Andy got 13th, with Joe riding in the rear, for the first of about 6 races he ended up riding for Sunday. Next to line up was Doug in the C race. This race ended up finishing in a small pack with Doug hanging on for 22nd place. With weather warmed enough that only arm warmers were needed, the B men lined up for their chance at the technical crit. The main pack broke up early in the race, with Tim and Dan ending up getting into the 20 man group that stayed together. Adam ended his day early but got placed 32nd before taking over the mic and announcing the rest of the race. Tim ended up getting 2nd in a one of the primes before his rear quick release skewer came undone. Dan hung on for the race and ended up getting 8th. Last to race was Brett in the A race. As with some of the previous races, an early break got away and was able to hang on for the finish, with this one actually almost lapping the field. Brett hung on to the back and got 18th place, securing more points for his push towards Nationals.

The team then drove back to Philly after stopping at a Sheetz’s and having Dan dance in the car to more Footloose and Charlie Daniels band. Another lesson to the wise, don’t let Dan get control of an Ipod in your car, especially if the Ipod is Doug’s who puts just about anything on it.

-Tim Manzella

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