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Pittsburgh Steel City Showdown

For the spring break weekend, three Drexel racers decided to descend up Pittsburgh for the Steel City Showdown. The first day began with the road race course, featuring a steep climb, and mother nature adding some cold temperatures to the mix. Ryan Shank and Andy Evensen lined up for the race. Both finished up well for the first real road race of the year, and this being the first time they had to deal with long hard hills multiply times. Ryan got 21st and Andy got 34th place. The other racer for Drexel was Brett Kielick, who was racing his first A race, after upgrading from the previous weekend. Brett finished well, in 28th place, for this being the first time he has done a 80 mile road race. It was a learning experience for all the Drexel racers, and this will prepare them for later in the season, though hopefully it will not be so cold again this season.

The second day took place in downtown Pittsburgh with a criterium over two bridges. Again it was the D riders lining up first, the first ones to ever race on this new course. Ryan Shank and Andy Evensen both rode in the pack avoiding any dangers the bridges had to offer. Both finished in the pack with Ryan in 7th place and Andy in 23rd. Both than got coffee and tried to stay warm as the waited for the start of Brett Kielick in the Menís A race, while wondering if they should upgrade so that they didnít have to race in the cold as much. Brett raced well in the pack, making up for the road race from yesterday to finish in 13th place, earning him his first A points and the possibility of going to nationals. Nice job Brett. So after surviving the cold, all racers went back home to train for a week in warmer weather before the Penn State weekend on the 29th of March.

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