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Syracuse USCF Race Weekend

Well, the much awaited debut of Joe racing happened this weekend in Syracuse, NY. Joe, Caitlin, Chris Hair, and I decided to give the Syracuse Stage race a try. Basically it was a Road Race and ITT on Saturday and a crit on Sunday. The weekend started about a week ago with Joe talking much trash about how he was going to win the whole weekend, or $10, which ever was easier.

Well, things started off with the 60 mile road race, which featured 2 laps of 26 miles and then an additional 8 miles leading up to a steep finishing climb. Chris decided to do a solo breakaway in the first couple of miles and was able to hang on until right before the KOM points where he was caught and tried to get the points, but couldn't, so the first chance for $10 went down the drain. It should be noted that while Chris was in the break, Joe was organizing the field from the back by telling people to catch the idiot who was up the road, needless to say this work in the end, but the rest of Human Zoom and I (Team Independence) were at the front keeping the pace at a nice and easy 16mph, until the climb, where everything fell apart. I ended up in the second group on the road, because my climbing legs weren't there on the first lap, Joe ended up in the group behind me, and Chris was able to stay with the front group after the climb. My group basically paced line the whole way trying to get the front group back, but both of the groups had about 15 people in them and both were pacelining. After the second loop and additional 8 miles were done until the finishing climb were a steep little hill awaited, basically a little less steep than the wall but just as long. My legs were dead at that point and I couldn't keep up with the accelerations of the front 4 people in my group, and just climb up on my own making sure no one passed me. The results for the road race were, Chris 18th, me 23rd, and Joe 41st. We all ended up finishing the 60 miles in under 2:50.

Then all of us had to wait about 4 hours until our ITT started which was filled with us sitting in a car doing nothing but talking about how we wanted food but didin't feel like driving to get any. So me and Chris used this time to continously listening to the Top Gun soundtrack. Though the Goose song was skipped over each time. So then the ITT came about which was a 3 mile course, basically flat but with some little hills in it. The big news out of this part of the event is that Joe can do a TT better than I can, Chris ended up getting 25th, Joe got 34th, and I got 43rd. While waiting for the TT to get over, Chris and I ended having to search for jumper cable to start his car because apparently we listened to Danger Zone one to many times. This also led to the discovery that you can't use Caitlin's car to jumpstart another car because its was to complicated.

After all of this we went to a thai food place which ended up being really fancy, but for some reason they let in 4 smelly cyclist who didn't even have a tie on. It should be noted that when we came in they had to look to see if there was a table available, though the whole place was empty. The food was good, but small portions, so Chris and I hit up and ice cream place on the way back on gorged ourselves on icecream and candy.

Sunday came around with the crit, which was a really nice course, 4 corners, 1 mile long nothing technical, yet people somehow managed to crash. Caitlin ended up winning one of the $30 primes in her race, which meant that me, Joe, and Chris had to win something. Well, only Chris was abled to win primes, but he won a $230 pair of sunglasses and $30. As for the race, all of us stayed at the front for the most part and attacked the field whenever it slowed down, though the average speed for the race ended up being pretty fast. In the end, no breaks ended up sticking for more than a lap and the finish came down to a group sprint, though the group had become much smaller throughout the race. I ended up getting 8th, Chris 9th, Joe 43rd. There were also kid's sprint up the finishing straight of the crit, which I believe included the kid that one the Vassar crit from last year, look up the picture on velocity results, its great, I think he still had the same bike and same shirt on. While the kids race was going on, Joe told us about a story from about 20 years ago when he was at the Bucknell crit and made people do sprints up the street while they were clearing cars from the straight and had people breaking their chains.

So finished the weekend, with Chris getting 16th overall, me 18th, and Joe 43rd, though there were orginally 62 starters for the road race, about 15 people decided not to do the crit. The ride back was uneventful other than Joe and I running Caitlin's car almost to empty which made for an amusing 20 minutes looking for a gas station that was open in Norristown on a Sunday. Needless to say, Joe didn't have to bike to find a place to tow us or bring us gas. We all also left with a deeper understanding of why Adam Leman is the way he is. It all makes sense now.


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