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UNH ECCC Mountain Bike Race – September 2008
By Trevor Booz

Results Summary

  • Men's B XC
    • Matt Schoman - 10th out of 32
    • Trevor Booz - 13th out of 32
  • Men's B STXC
    • Matt Schoman - 7th out of 18
    • Trevor Booz - 12th out of 18

So this past weekend Matt Schoman and I ventured to New Hampshire to participate in the XC and STXC at the Kingman Farm UNH Mountain Bike race. We left Friday afternoon and 7 hours later we had arrived at my friend’s apartment right on UNH's campus. My friend Lauren had graciously cooked us dinner and after some beers and hanging out we were soon off to bed to get some rest for the two races to follow the next day. This ECCC weekend was different than most other ones since both XC events were on the same day. So after waking up way too early at 7am (we only had a 5 min drive to the course and our race wasn't until 10:30) we got to the Kingman farm and began to hang out/pump ourselves up for race 1 of 2 that day. The course was super fast and after the organizers saw how fast Men's C and Women's B had made it through the course they decided to increase the amount of laps that Men's B, Men's A, and Women's A had to do. For the Men's B race we did 4x 4.5 mile laps, which I thought was going to suck but the course was so fast it didn't even matter. They could have actually called this a cyclocross race and gotten away with it. The terrain was smooth, a few roots but mostly fire roads/hard packed dirt with only 1 climb the whole race. This climb was something that wasn't even difficult, there are worse climbs to be had a Wissahickon park. Matt and I managed to have a good race in Men's B with him completing the 18 miles in 1:18 minutes in 10th place and me completing the course in 1:19 minutes and 30 seconds about which earned me 13th place out of 32 Men's B competitors.

So after this cyclocross/extended STXC cross country race we had to psych ourselves up for the shorttrack which was going to occur later on in the day at 2:30. After any race a person is going to be tired and most people were pretty wiped out from the XC race so everyone that I had talked to pretty much didn't care how they did at the short track race. A few peanut butter and jellies and some napping later we were off to the STXC course. It was a fairly long STXC course with a small flat section in the start, a long climb, and a quick decent and then the loop started over. We entered Men's B and the field had been reduced from 32 that morning to 18 this afternoon, lots of people bailed. Matt had a great start while I got stuck behind this slow poke up the first hill, separating me and about 5 others from the rest of the pack with a gap that was just big enough that it proved too tough to bridge the rest of the race. I think we ended up doing like 10-11 laps in 25 minutes and Matt got 7th and I got 12th out of the 18 starters in Men's B, so not too shabby.

We were definitely beat after the race, but I still had my friend to go visit with, and she lived with 5 other girls, and we were there for another night so we decided to go out and party it up that night. Needless to say after two intense races I was so tired that no matter how hard I tried the drunkenness never managed to pass the tiredness, at 2:30 am sofa cushions with a sleeping bag on top had never felt so good that night.

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