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Dartmouth's Enfer Du Nord

April 18th and 19th 2009


Saturday - Criterium

  • Men's A
    • DNF - Tim Manzella (broke my chain)

Sunday - Road Race

  • Men's A
    • 15th - Tim Manzella (9 points)

Race Report

So what was once again a long haul up to the state of New Hampshire and Vermont, the Drexel team was represented by Tim and the everpresent Joe. This drive took a really long time so we left as soon as both me and Joe were done with work/class, though we still ended up getting stuck in traffic in Philly and NYC and somehow I fell asleep in the first hour of the drive only to wake up and find out that we were still in New Jersey, never good. We ended up staying with Steve H. the head of blogging for the conference and 2 guys from Wentworth. This was my first full weekend back from dislocating/fracturing my wrist and I still wasn't fully back in the groove of riding and was still taping up my wrist resulting in a interesting tan line.

The first day featured a crit around frat row that is a very good course and quite fun when its wet. The weather provided the wetness by raining everynow and then providing a slick tarmac because whenever it started to dry it would rain again. I ended up starting off well and was able to turn better than I thought mainly because all of the turns are lefts so I never had to put weight on my right arm. I was with the final selection of the race and then had the curse of the chain. Anybody that knows my history with chains knows that its not the best history and in times that I have been in good positions in races I have had a chain snap on me. Thus the race ended for me, though if I had finished with the group I was with I would have been in the top 15 which would have been, nice. Luckily there was a shop on hand at the crit so I was able to purchase I new chain for the next day.

The night was filled with watching Beetlejuice on TV, finding a vegan place that Joe was able to eat at, which turned out to be a Asian place that we went with John Frey and the gang. We found out that John does more than just finish line placing for the ECCC, believe it our not he has a fulltime job, amazing. Anyway we ended up getting back and I spent the next hour working on Joe's bike trying to get the headset working, which I ended up breaking one compression cap and had to put in my old Cannodale headset. The really excitement of the night was having a certain team with Chris Hair on it plastic wrap Joe's car while we were sleeping that night. Me and Steve knew they were doing it cause Steve told them where we were. Up to this point in time BU has been unable to get me back for the Yale weekend.

Sunday was the Road Race, and with a smaller A field due to the pro race in New York, it ended up being a little bit of an easier race. This allows me to get back into the swing of things. The course was pretty much flat with 2 hills each lap of ~ 15 miles and then a finishing climb of ~1 mile. I ended up doing pretty well with climbing but towards the end when we went up the finishing climb I still didn't have my legs completely under me since I still haven't really been able to ride much yet during the week. I end up not being able to hang with the front group up the last climb but finished in 15th which was a good result for the situation.

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