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University of Delaware Dual State Showdown

March 21st-22nd


Overall – 18th out of approx. 35 teams

Saturday – Road Race

  • Men’s A 68 miles (41 Starters)
    • 29th – Tim Manzella
    • 31st – Dan Lavelle
    • 33rd – Brian Kall
  • Men’s B 51 miles (32 starters)
    • 8th – Matt Schoman (15 points)
    • 28th – Ashley Doane
  • Men’s C 34 miles (54 starters)
    • 22nd – David Casale
    • 40th – Trevor Booz
  • Men’s D Division II 17 miles (38 starters)
    • 16th – Ryan Morcrette
    • 27th – Nick Farber
  • Women’s B 27 miles (22 Starters)
    • 14th – Sarah Grogan (2 points)
    • 18th – Victoria Hanks

Sunday – ITT (5.1 miles)

  • Men’s A (34 starters)
    • 11th – Dan Lavelle 12:15.79(22 points)
    • 22nd – Tim Manzella 12:47.74
    • 30th – Brian Kall 13:20.09
  • Men’s B (25 starters)
    • 15th – Matt Schoman 13:10.51(1 point)
  • Men’s C (39 starters)
    • 36th – Doug Markgraf 14:28.17
  • Men’s D (60 Starters)
    • 5th – Alan Fody 13:26.71 (20 points)
  • Women’s B (15 starters)
    • 6th – Sarah Grogan 15:19.46 (24 points)

Sunday – Crit

  • Men’s A (30 starters)
    • 20th – Tim Manzella (1 point)
    • 25th – Dan Lavelle
  • Men’s B (27 starters)
    • 22nd – Matt Schoman
  • Men’s C (45 Starters)
    • 33rd – Doug Markgraf
  • Men’s D (31 Starters)
    • 1st – Alan Fody (12 plus 7 sprint points)
  • Women’s B (16 Starters)
    • 11th – Sarah Grogan (7 points)

Tim's Notes on the Weekend

1) Alan Fody won the Men’s D Division II Crit on Sunday, this was Drexel’s second victory of the year, and its not the big hitters in the higher divisions winning, so far its been the new riders on the team, nice job.

2) Overall everyone did very well on both the first real road race of the year, long ITT, and hard criterium course. We also had a large number of people out again to race (13 total over the two days) which is amazing compared to last year when after the first couple of races it was just the higher category riders still racing. Its good to see all of the new riders still into the racing and enjoying it. This team is a lot like the team that I started with freshman year with a lot of new riders in the lower divisions having fun and enjoying themselves, which is what collegiate racing is about. Its the reason why I am still racing and enjoying it.

3) This is the first time many of you have done a long road race with actually hills, its tough and you all hung in there and finished. I can tell you the first road race I did as a Freshman in D’s I got dropped on the second of the 2 laps. No one should be disappointed with their results.

4) Matt Schoman is very consistent, he keeps getting 8th place, even in a road race. Last year he was mid-pack in the B’s, now he’s getting points every weekend.

5) No one crashed in the Crit. This was probably one of the scariest crit course I have ever done. Even most of the A riders were scared of the course, after the moto went down, and all the crashes in the previous races. Everyone finished upright and in one piece, we are probably the only team that could say that.

6) Sarah and Victoria made the step up to Women’s B and did very well. It was a tough weekend to move up for with the Road Race and them combining the Women’s A with you guys for the Crit

7) Dan and Tim both got points in A’s which means they have basically qualified for nationals out in Colorado. Also a lot of different people scored points and are ranked highly in their respective divisions for Division 2. The overall results should come out midweek.

8) Everyone did very well in the first real Time Trial of the year, we should have pretty good teams for the first TTT of the year this week. I will be announcing the line ups for the TTT’s this week, probably tomorrow so that you guys can get out and practice if you want.(this is what happens when I’m at my parents house relaxing between doctor and dentist appointments for the next couple of days)

9) The roads in Delaware may be worse than in PA, and that’s saying a lot.(I’m trying to get to 10 points/notes, its starting to get hard)

10) On the note of next week, our race is next week, so everyone get ready to throw down and win the races you are in. This is a big weekend for us, and one of the biggest weekends of the year historically for the ECCC. There are big fields and hard competitions, especially if some of the ACCC teams come up.

Also a special thanks to Nick who didn't race at all Sunday, but still came down to the race with everyone and took care of us, that turkey sandwich was great.

-Tim Manzella

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