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PSU ECCC Conference Weekend

May 2nd and 3rd

Hey Everyone,

Last night the road team got back from the last weekend of the
collegiate season, I can't tell you how much fun this easterns was for
several reasons. I'll cover the racing reasons first:

1. Great courses. The Black Moshannon road race loop is 21.5 miles of
constant up and down, with nary a hint of flat ground. The crit course
serves up it's own serving of interesting in the form of a nice chicane
that brought down many a good man and woman on Sunday.

2. Big fields, from A right down to D.

3. Drexel riders came back in one piece, a little banged up from some
criterium mayhem in Mens D and A, but no one is too much worse for wear.

Non racing reasons:

1. Two trips to the creamery on PSU's campus, I'll admit I was lame and
didn't want to go the second time, but the coconut chip ice cream
convinced me that I was the nut for not wanting to go...

2. Racing against/hanging out with people you probably won't see again
until next year or maybe way after that...

3. Excellent pancakes at State College, and every restaurant is
willing to split checks without rolling their eyes.

4. The Banquet: Clem's BBQ served up some nice food for the carnivores.

5. The Banquet served up some awesome dessert too!!! Let's just say it
made the entire place rise up in a good 2 minute standing can get the rest of the story from the horse's mouth. I
will tell you this - it was one of the most awesome things I've ever
seen in my life.

Ok, to the racing results:


  • Mens D
    • 6th Drexel

Black Moshannon Road Race

  • Mens Intro
    • 3rd Charles Rumford
    • 4th Mikael Garabedian
  • Mens D
    • 20th Brett Houser
    • 39th Brent Heverly
    • 31st Ryan Morcette
  • Mens B
    • 27th Adam Leman
  • Mens A
    • 15th Tim Manzella

PSU Downtown Crit

  • Mens Intro
    • 4th Mikael Garabedian
    • DNS (flat tire during clinic) - Charles Rumford
  • Mens D2
    • 13th Brent Heverly
    • DNF Brett Houser
    • DNF Ryan Morcette
  • Mens B
    • 30th Adam Leman
  • Mens A
    • 25th Tim Manzella

All of you attendees feel free to add your perspective on the epic
racing, t shirt wearing, and eating you all did.


The only thing that I have to add to Adam's race report is that I played rock paper scissors shot with Chris Ruhl of PSU down the finishing straight of the road race to figure out who would get 15th and 16th, it went about 5 rounds until we ended up with a winner right before the line. It was tight.


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