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April 25th and 26th


Saturday - Road Race

  • Menís A (30 Starters)
    • DNF Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís D (60 starters)
    • 17th Ė Ryan Morcrette
    • 20th Ė Brent Heverly
    • 29th Ė Doug Markgraf
    • 48th Ė Brett Houser

Sunday Ė Criterium

  • Menís A (31 Starters)
    • 16th Ė Tim Manzella (5 points)
  • Menís D (57 Starters)
    • 6th Ė Brent Heverly (4 points)
    • 14th Ė Doug Markgraf
    • 19th Ė Brett Houser
    • DNF Ė Ryan Morcrette (Ran out of pit wheels)

Tim's Notes on the Weekend

1) The D-unit returned to action, and the squad can official be called that again. Doug, one of the original members of the infamous D-unit from years ago, made is return to the D field.

2) 90ļ Heat + Steep Hill + Lipka Attacking = me getting dropped in a road race. After the cruising around we did during the Dartmouth road race this was definitely different

3) Wiffle ball with a bunch of cyclist is a great way to spend time watching races. There are a bunch of things that make Collegiate cycling so much fun, and one of them has to be that everyone hangs around and watches all of the races and all the colleges have fun together. But Iím disappointed, Drexel lost to BU in a wiffle ball gaming during the A crit. I made up for it by beating 2 of the 3 BU riders in the sprint after helping them make sure that one of there riders stayed away in the crit.

4) Brent should not be allowed anywhere near a trainer while with a bike. We should just give him a bike at the start and tell him to race. Somehow he wrecked his front wheel during his warm up for the crit and I had Doug come over to me asking me for my front wheel. Then in the middle of the race he came in with a flat so he got the back wheel off of my bike. Just to make it better, after the racing during his cool down on the trainer, he fell out of the trainer.

5) Yea, the crit course was bumpy, but it was still fun. The crit course definitely had some pot holes in it, especially the first corner, but once you knew how to take the corner it was fine. During the prelap for the crit, riding the course sucked because you felt every bump. During the race it was fine, even during the 40mph descents into the last corner, you just didnít fill the bumps when youíre going at speed butÖ..

6) I guess thatís why Dís go first. You guys get to preview the course for the rest of it. Its one of the unfortunate sides to racing the D race for a new course, you end up being the first people to race the course and find all of the problems with it. But I can tell you that the course for PSU wonít be bumpy or sketchy so you wonít be finding any issues with turns that have pot holes at the apex of the turn.

7) The D squad better do a TTT at Penn State. Wanting to save energy for the road race, come on, thatís no excuse for not doing the TTT. Being able to do a TTT is one of the great things about Collegiate cycling, the only other place you find it is in the Pro races. I remember when I did Dís and it would be me, Steve B. and Andy for the teams(sometimes Collin). Yea, it was sometimes slow, and its comes before the road race, but it was still fun. An 8 mile TTT isnít going to kill your day in the road race, So get out there and have fun and race the TTT instead of worrying having energy in a 20 mile race.

-Tim Manzella

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