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Yale's Lux et Velocitas, Easter Weekend Race Report

April 11th and 12th 2009


Saturday - ITT

  • Menís A
    • 33rd Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís Intro
    • 7th Ė Mikael Garabedian
  • Womenís B
    • 32nd Ė Sarah Grogan

Saturday - Road Race

  • Menís B
    • 15th Ė Matt Schoman (1 point)
  • Menís D
    • 26th Ė Brent Heverly

Sunday - Criterium

  • Menís A
    • 34th Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís B
    • 28th Ė Matt Schoman
  • Menís D
    • 6th Ė Brent Heverly (4 points)
  • Menís Intro
    • 8th Ė Mikael Garabedian
  • USAC Cat. 5
    • 10th - Brent Heverly
  • USAC Cat. 3/4
    • DNF - Joe Kopena(Produced so much torque he broke his cleat)

Timís Notes on the Weekend

1) Overall a very good weekend, though the results/number of people werenít there everyone had fun and enjoyed the very nice courses.

2) Brent got his first points in Dís (I believe, I could be wrong and he may have gotten points earlier), and should get credit for doing 2 races on Sunday by doing the Cat. 5 race.

3) Saturdays weather for the Road Race was bad, 35 degrees and a downpour, I donít think I dried out after coaching Introís until the next morning, and thank god for hotel dryers for our clothes. Sundays weather was much warmer but was the wind was really strong

4) Boston University canít match our pranking abilities, when Joe, Steve B, and I get together and Boston with Chris Hair is near by, watch out. Needless to say, they got woken up earlier then they would have like on Saturday. They said there would be lots of revenge, but they were never able to do anything.

5) Ending the Road Race on the ITT climb probably made this the best road race of the year so far. I was lucky enough not to have to do the road race(its kinda hard to climb out of the saddle with a dislocated wrist), but did it for the ITT and the intro was cool enough. I climbed it again with the BU team on Sunday after we raced, and its was a lot harder. As was pointed out to me by Steve, every course has its one point where all the fans go. On Saturday during the ITT it was the last sweeping turn going up to the Finish line, a bunch of people were out there cheering on there teammates, and made for a nice run into the finish. I ended up getting a lot of cheers because no one had expect me to be there and racing.

6) One of our most illustrious alumni, Steve Bronstein, came out and cheered us on both days, he also helped out with the Intro races. Having alumni still supporting the team is really cool, there were a bunch of them at the Philly Phlyer and its good to have some of the original people still supporting the team. Its also great because you can hear stories about what Joe was like when he was actually around our ages, or at least mine.

7) We once again had a womenís team, with Sarah Grogan coming out and racing the ITT on Saturday. I believe this is one of the first season that we have had a Women race at every race so far in a year, keep it up.

8) It is never good when a team gets back to a hotel after a race, all of the team members our fixing their bikes. I was disassembling my BB because apparently I never tightened it after my crash, Joe was tuning/doing random stuff to his bike which continued into Sunday, I ran through Steveís bike, and Matt and I had fun trying to get Brentís rear brake to stop sticking, we eventually got it to work, but I have no clue how.

9) The great Drexel PA system is blown, despite Matt trying to fix it. Rain + PA system = blown circuit board = no IPOD music during crit = No announcing of race by Joe/Steve H from Union. Its amazing how quite the race is and how people donít know whatís going on when its not up and running. Also people seem to be more into the races and watching them when there is an announcer and music in the background

10) Joe Kopena actually did a real race this weekend, though it only lasted for about 3 laps before is cleat broke on him

-Tim Manzella

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