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Army Race Weekend


TTT - Saturday

  • Men’s C
    • 8th - Drexel (Brent, Brett, Mark, Nick)
  • Men’s D
    • 14th – Drexel (Charles, Brendan, Chat)

Circuit – Saturday

  • Men’s A
    • DNF – Tim Manzella (lets not talk about this race)
  • Men’s C
    • 17th – Brent Heverly
    • 31st – Nick Calcagni (Caught behind crash)
    • 34th – Brett Houser (Caught behind crash)
  • Men’s D
    • 10th – Mark Donovan
    • 33rd – Charles Rumford
    • 34th – Brendan Diener
    • 35th – Chatura Atapattu

Hill Climb Time Trial - Sunday

  • Men’s C
    • 27th – Nick Calcagni
  • Men’s D
    • 22nd – Mark Donovan (Place in CII Field)

Criterium – Sunday

  • Men’s A
    • 32nd – Tim Manzella
  • Men’s C
    • 24th – Nick Calcagni
    • 25th – Brett Houser
  • Men’s D
    • 7th – Mark Donovan
    • 23 – Brendan Diener
    • 26th – Chatura Atapattu
    • DNF – Charles Rumford (To much of a man for his chain)

Race Report

So to begin with I’m amazed at the number of people that came out to this weekend and raced, having 8 people (plus two alumni, Andy and Steve) coming to the second to last weekend of the year is a major improvement over the last two years where it was only Joe and I at these races.

The shorter than what I remember drive up to West Point was rather uneventful other than a stop in the middle of nowhere NY for a some Friendly’s Ice Cream but also because Steve had to go to the bathroom. I don’t think the waiter was expecting 8 guys to come in all wanting ice cream at once. Also, there freenzy’s seem a lot smaller than what I remember them being. Anyway, we got to the hotel at a reasonable hour and it turns out our place was right across from the Orange County Choppers Factory/Showroom of Discovery Channel fame, pretty cool. The hotel was a pretty sweet hook up, with rather large rooms and beds, with outdoor porches despite being way cheaper than anything in the area. Brent finally got his wish, and he would wake up to a continental breakfast each day.

The Army weekend has change since the last time I did it when there was an actual road race that they no longer can do. This race is infamous because Steve proclaimed before it that he would beat all of the other D racers (Matt S. Andy E. and me) in the race. We all laughed, but as it turned out, karma would haunt as all and Steve was the only one to finish the race. Both the TTT and the circuit race now take place on one of the Army’s training bases around West Point, where one of the near by camps was having a Boy Scout retreat right next to bayonet training. The TTT course is similar to the old course (I think I never did the TTT that year for some reason), but due to me not wanting to do an A TTT I got to watch the D’s and C’s go off while racing some of the Army obstacle courses with Andy. There are some great pictures on Chats camera of Andy and me fighting each other up a hill to be the first one to the top. Also, word to the wise, never slide down the large wooden triangle, you are suppose to swing the rope to the other side and use it to descend.

After the TTT, was the circuit race, which is now a 2 mile loop with a nice kicker of a hill that leads up to the finish. I joined BU to watch the D and C fields race, and decided it was a good idea to put dollar bills in the cracks of the road for people to try and grap. In the D race, Mark ended up hanging with the main group, which got smaller and smaller until the end, proving that his move down to D’s was a good one. Brendan, Charles, and Chat all finished around each other behind the field after getting shelled on a previous lap, that hill is harder than it looks. Apparently, during the C race, some people thought it was a good idea and try to reach for them while in the middle of the pack and caused a little crash that Brett and Nick got stuck behind. Before they got back on the bike, both of them took the money before anyone else could get to it. It was then a joint decision of Drexel and BU to instead of putting out many to instead do prizes like free pushes up the hill, or P&J sandwiches, or a lap dance from Joe. The person the got the lap dance one actually went up to Joe for it, you’ll have to ask Joe about the result of that one. One the subject of Joe, both him and assistant director Sully both tried to get the dollars on the road the previous lap before the crash and were both unsuccessful. Brent ended up being ahead of the crash and stayed with the lead group and finished respectively in that group. As for my race, we’ll just ignore it, because it would look something like this: #@$*$##@*.

After we all got back from the race, we went to the local TGI Fridays which was down the street from the hotel and proceed to be the highlight of that waitresses night, providing her constant entertainment. Steve ended up convincing her to give us etch-a-sketch and we proceed to be amazed at Nick’s ability to draw on the toy as he made a diagram of a bike coming off of Steve’s car rack earlier in the day. Steve apparently also told the waitress it was my birthday to try and cheer me up so I got a free ice cream sunday which was given to Joe when he came in so that he would be hyper the rest of the night. The only other event of the night was Joe getting pulled over for making an illegal left turn, only to get out of the ticket after the cops asked him if he was here for the bike race.

The next day’s Hilly ITT and Criterium took place at West Point. Steve and I got lost on the way over, so most of the team ended up missing the ITT and instead got breakfast. I ended up exploring the graveyard that they have on campus with Steve and Andy to try and get my mind straight (my string of bad races that started at the Philly Phlyer was still continuing on at this point). There are some interesting people buried there, including a lot of famous generals (Custer is there) and other people associated with the USMA (Maggie Dixon). If you are into military history (like me) its not a bad idea to check it out next time you’re there. We ended up getting back just in time to steal Chat’s camera and take pictures of the D race.

All of the guys hung in there well for the short technical crit, especially Chat who made it a long way with the pack thanks to the help of the tailgunning Joe. Charles proved his awesome power again and proceeded to unleash it on his chain this time, and broke it on the first lap. Brendan ended up getting drop from the group near the middle of the race. Mark hung in there for it all and end up getting his first D points with a fine 7th place. The C guys were up next and Steve and I lost control of the camera so the pictures that got taken ended up being a lot better for the rest of the races, though we did manage to gain control of BU’s camera for a bit too. In the C race, Brent ended up not starting due to a sore muscle, so Brett and Nick were the only starts. Both of them rode the race well, with Nick trying a solo break with a lap to go, which if another person went with him would have had a chance to work. Needless to say the pack was having none of it and Brent and Nick rode in high-fiving each other, which BU found amusing. I was up next, and after finally getting my focus back, I finished the race with the pack, after avoiding what seemed like a large amount of crashes in turn 2 of the course, with someone ended up on the opposite side of the guardrail somehow. It helps your confidence to finally finish well in a race after having long month where nothing seems to go your way. One thing to note is that when a train goes by, it helps a lot with speeding up the pack because you no longer have a wind coming at you from the Hudson River.

So, now it’s your turn to add you thoughts. Like Joe said earlier today, if you want this team to last and have stories like Steve, you’ve got to tell them.

-Tim Manzella

The Army 2 mile circuit race provide a nice challenge for me. While the awesome down hill that came right after the start line provide an awesome chance to stay with the pack for just a short while, the gradual incline on the second half of the course caused some problems, not to mention the cold weather. The incline was only to be followed by a wall that result in me basically not being able to pedal up it with out hitting the granny gear. Also, all who were watching should just ignore me when I yell for food. Just venting some anger and pain.

The afternoon provided some awesome race watching with the BU team while sitting on the wall that I could barely get up. Some of the excitement that ensued included:

  • dollar primes
  • slow motion crashes (pretty interesting to watch)
  • PB&J sandwich hand off straight to the mouth

Sunday included getting lost in West Point. Honestly, we were making an effort to make it there. Really were, just wasn't going to happen. Plus I was missing a chain ring bolt and my ankle was bothering me. I wanted to save the pain for the pleasure of racing in the crit. Next year, I will get my ECCC membership card.

The crit was a nice short loop around one of Army's practice field's down on the river. There were tight corners and fierce head winds. Awesome. Started out strong. Top 15 strong. Quite happy about that. Coming around turn 2, went in to a sprint to pick up some speed and POP. Chain snapped. That is end of me even thinking of staying with the field. The rest of the day was spent avoiding studying for my chemistry exam.

-Charles Rumford

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