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Bucknell Race Weekend


Saturday - TTT

  • Menís D
    • 1st Ė Drexel

Saturday - Road Race

  • Menís A
    • DNF Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís C
    • 23rd Ė Brent Heverly
    • 27th Ė Nicholas Calcagni
    • DNF Ė Mark Donovan (now has a nickname)
  • Menís D
    • 30th Ė Brett Houser
    • 41st Ė Andrew Janos
    • 49th Ė Calahan Kirkner
    • 60th Ė Chatura Atapattu

Sunday - Criterium

  • Menís A
    • 30th Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís C
    • 19th Ė Brent Heverly
    • 26th Ė Mark Donovan
  • Menís D
    • 19th Ė Brett Houser
    • 33rd Ė Calahan Kirkner
    • 48th Ė Chatura Atapattu


So hereís my short take on the weekend, which is highlighted by Maggie S. from Northeasternís take on Drexelís attendance the first day; ďDrexel has more people here today than you guys did at your own weekend.Ē Ouch, not quite true, but it seems like it when we actually field a TTT team, which won it division. Anyway, this weekend actually turned out really nicely, with great course each day, a TTT and hillier than expect road race (probably not helped by the wind that seemed to come from every direction when you werenít going up a hill) and then a very challenging criterium on Sunday. The team arrived at our hotel in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania at a not to late hour, earlier enough to relax as a team and figure out when everyone races due to me not printing a race flyer. A shoe throwing fight between Mark and Tim ended with the victory going to Mark after he nailed Tim in the face, which then meant it was finally time to go to sleep. After waking up early in the morning on Saturday, the team drove down many a sleepy country roads to end up at the base for the day, a farmers market (they even left the keys in the forklifts for us). The TTT team came back with the first TTT victory in a couple of years for Drexel (the only one that I can recall is from my freshman year with the team of Adam, Joe (yes Kopena), and Stefan won a couple of B TTTís). The rest of the team relaxed and warmed up for the road race as I did my normal hanging around with BU and the heads of states for the conference.

The road race was a lot harder than I expected it to be from the course profile, but that happens when you are surrounded by farm fields and its windy out, meaning almost every road feels like its going uphill. The Cís and Dís were the first out of the gate with the Cís doing 4 laps and the Dís doing 3 laps. Mark ended up getting a new nickname of Asics due to his use of toe clips instead of clipless pedals. He ended up called it a day after a couple of laps but, Brent and Nick hung in there carnage at the finish line, but both navigated around the chaos with grace and finished without a scratch on them. In ended up missing the D finish because BU and I expected there to be more of a gap between the Cís coming through for their last lap and the Dís finishing. If the Dís had done another lap they may have been able to catch up to the Cís. Iím pretty sure each field started off slower than normal due not many people knowing what to expect for the first road race of the season. I was next to line up for the course at the end of the day, and ended up completed 4 of the 6 laps before the wind started to really wreck havoc on the field and caused a number of people to lose wheels, and unfortunately unlike earlier in the race when I was able to get around the wheels and put in some 1 minute efforts to catch back up (2 previous laps I had to pass the motoref that decided even though I was only 50ft off the back it was safe to ride right beside me, cut me off, and then continue up to the field, only to have me rejoin them in a minute) and ended up rolling in with Wyatt from PSU. So is racing when you come into the season without a solid base to race on. I ended up getting changed and getting over the finish line in time to see Max from Penn destroy the field with a solo effort at the end of the race to win it in epic fashion over Jeff from Bucknell.

The team all went back to the hotel for showers and then out to eat in near by Danville where we found a somewhat vegan friendly place that was good enough for Joe and Brett to eat at. This was followed by clinic in driving through a maze of parking lots and streets (possibly not obeying one way streets and yellow lines) to get to the local Weis by Tim so that some people could get some food for the next day. Joe might have had a heartattack while we were driving. The team relaxed in the room by watching some of the NCAA basketball tournament on CBS before calling it a night. Joe ended up waking up to find his car covered in post-it notes put on by some team of the ECCC that was staying at the same hotel. So the pranks have begun for the season.

The team arrived at the Crit course at the Bucknell campus that was probably one of the hardest of the year, with more turns than our Naval Yard cirt. The team went out and surveyed the course before the race to plot how to take all of the obstacles the Bucknell threw at them. Every field rode the course single file and almost always get split up due to the nature of the course. All of the D rides ended up riding within a group and all got place even if they may have gotten pulled. Brett finished with what I believe to be the 2nd group on the course and Calahan finished with the 3rd group on the course, and I donít think either of their groups get pulled. Chat made it through a couple of laps before get pulled before the field could lap him. I ended up walking around the course exploring it with Nathan and Craig of BU while taking photos and witnessing some of the carnage of the D race, and I am happy to say that all of our riders stayed upright for the entire race. We havenít had a crash yet this year which is a good thing, knock on wood. In the C race, Brent survived the entire race with the 2nd group on the road and got to put his new skinsuit to use. Mark ended up hanging with one of the groups on the road before they ended up getting pulled over halfway through the race. Then there was the great brunch break at Bucknellís cafeteria where the team loaded up on an assortment of foods, though I probably shouldnít have had as much to eat as I did. After the 2 hour break, racing resumed with the last 3 races of the day. Tim went off with the A field, and chaos began on the short course, with the field being strung out from the very beginning of the race, as racers tried to get the best position. Tim ended up getting caught behind the inevitable crash that happens due to how fast Aís take corners. Tim got into a small chase group that survived for most of the race until Clayton from PSU get near them and they got pulled, but atleast he finished his first race after having a string of bad luck. Clayton ended up soloing from the start of the race (after he rode 50 miles on his bike to get to Bucknell) and would have lapped the field if he hadnít sat up the last lap.

Everyone then went back to their respective spots of living to celebrate the holidays before the start of school again on Monday. Be sure to check out Chatís photo galleries for a look at the weekend.

-Tim Manzella

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