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Dartmouth Race Weekend


TTT Ė Saturday Morning

  • Menís C
    • 13th
  • Menís D
    • 12th Drexel/BU Domination

Criterium Ė Saturday Afternoon

  • Menís A
    • 38th Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís C
    • 22nd Ė Nicholas Calcagni
    • 24th Ė Brett Houser
    • 34th Ė Brent Heverly
  • Menís D
    • 33rd Charles Rumford
    • 34th Ė Brendan Diener
    • DNF Ė Chatura Atapattu

Road Race Ė Sunday

  • Menís A
    • 45th Ė Tim Manzella
  • Menís C
    • 52nd Ė Brent Heverly
    • 63rd Ė Brett Houser
    • DNF Ė Nicholas Calcagni
  • Menís D
    • 34th Ė Brendan Diener
    • DNF Ė Charles Rumford
    • DNF Ė Chatura Atapattu

Race Report

So here it begins the last race report of the Road Season. Unlike the previous two trips up into the heaven of hill climbing hell know as the Dartmouth Race Weekend, it was not just Joe and I going up (Brett K joined us 2 years ago too), this was the first time Drexel had a true team up here with 7 people. The long trip up started in the early afternoon and it the usual NYC traffic, with Charles taking one way around and Tim taking another. Tim turned out to be the victory by 15 minutes to the hotel, even though he started out an hour after Charles due to some delays in getting ready, proving that just sitting in traffic for the GW Bridge is better than sitting in traffic trying to get around it. Still the team manage to get to Vermont in at a reasonable hour and get well rested for the next days TTT and crit.

Drexel had two teams contesting the TTT, the Menís C team comprised of Nick, Brett, and Brent and the D Team comprised of Brendan, Chat, Charles and Rob from Boston University. Both teams did well, and Brendan proved to be the better of the D riders finishing with Rob to round out their score. I didnít see how the Cís finished because Charles and I decided to move the cars to see how long it would take the rest of the team to notice. After the TTT came the Frat Row criterium, which is still the same course it has always been with the nice little hairpin turn by the pond. The running jackpot from two years ago for the first person to reach the pond is still going after this year. Luckily, all of the Drexel riders avoided the carnage that seemed to happen in every field at that corner. While the D riders got lined up to be the first people to tackle the course this year, I proceeded to get my Mohawk courtesy of Kyle and Nathan from BU. It actually doesnít look too bad and might stick with it for a little bit, though it doesnít come close to matching Joeís Joehawk. As with previous additions of the race, the D field ended up getting strung out early and unless you had the first row of the start line, you were going to get left in the dust. The D-unit survived as long as they could but each of them end up getting the officials whistle before to long, but that give them the advantage of getting a little more rest before the killer road race the next day. I missed the C race because I ended up getting ready for coaching Introís which involved showing them the course and talking to them about how to properly take the corners. For the most part the coaching worked, since we let me watch how the C riders were taking the turns and told them what every rider was doing wrong, at least for the CII racers. Brent, Brett, or Nick will have to fill you guys in on what happened for during there race, but it seems like they all made it through. I lined up for the large A race, with 71 starters, much more than the previous two additions, which meant we all started lining up with 10 laps to go, and I ended up getting a spot in the middle which meant Iíd eventually be doomed to the officials whistle. This was the allstar A race that finally came about, with a couple of Pro riders showing up for the final weekend of the year, including a National Champ, a White Jersey winner from the Tour of Georgia, and a couple of other guys that race the NRC circuit. Only about 20 people survived to finish the whole race, I ended up in a group the get to a little over half of the time which meant we got placed decently for the number of racers that decided to pull themselves. There were a lot of crashes, including the final lap in the last corner and even across the line as Lee from UVM became unclipped and took a dive into the crowd after getting 2nd place.

The traditional banquet was to follow next and took place at some cabin/clubhouse that was on campus by their golf course. The food was the usual pasta and salad but it worked. The highlights of the night included Matt the mechanic for Yale giving out bike bells to a number of people and DU once again proving its techiness but having all of Chatís pictures showing on the projector. Though nothing can top the events of last years events, unless someone was to get married at a banquet (fake marriages were plotted with Alan Atwood being the priest/person that performs the marriage due to an old unknown USAC bylaw that gives head officials of the ECCC the right to marry people) but there was ice cream at the end of the night which is always good.

The road race was up next on Sunday and was the same course as last year, with an opening course, followed by a loop with two hills in it that the Dís did twice, Cís three times, and Aís five times, and then the finishing 2 mile climb. The Cís were off first with an exciting start of me changing out Brettís tires 3 times before the start of the race due to some flat issues. He luckily got to start with the rest of the field and didnít have to worry about catching up to the field during the neutral start. The Dís then started behind them for their 2 laps of glory, and none of the 6 riders would be seen again until after they finished. Charles came back first after he called it a day due to some mechanical issues or something like that. Chat ended up getting a flat at the corner that leads you back to the loop or up the finishing climb so he got a ride back in the broom wagon. That left Brendan to represent the Dís and ended up finishing his laps of the Enfer Du Nord with a respectable time. The Cís then started to filter in next, with Nick coming back first after having a mishap with a pedestrian sign that wasnít moved that left is handlebars needing replaced, but he survived with only a couple of scratches on the arm. Brent and Brett finished in nearly the same group, which Iím guessing it the bottom of the final climb together but then split up on the 6% average for 2+ mile slopes. I ended up being next for the 75 miles of the road race. I ended up hanging in there until the 2nd lap when I got unhitched on the climb, I was stupidly at the back of the field when the climb came and wasnít able to get around enough people to join the field before it took off down the hill. I end up riding with Caitlin for a little bit as she was doing the Womenís race until I had Ross from UPenn come by and Caitlin made me go with him, which ended up being a good thing. We got joined by Craig and Niko from BU, an Army rider, and another guy from MIT to form a group that stuck together in various forms through the next 3 laps, in which we dropped some people and then picked up some other people included Mark and Greg from NU. We ended coming into the climb on the last loop as a group until we decided to finally split up, with a Mark, the MIT kid, and the Army guy went up the road before I could react, I ended up being in no-mans land by myself as the rest group stayed behind me. I end up catching a guy from PSU before the final climb and ended up not catching anyone else or getting caught by anyone else the rest of the race. I ended up rolling in, and luckily got placed. We then ended up packing up and heading home before the awards due to the length of the drive home which included a new way through NYC after I missed one of the splits of I-95 which caused us to take pretty much every bridge that goes into NYC throughout the trip and let us see the 5 boughs, if it had been light out. Chat once again took photos this weekend and they should be up at some point this week.

So ends the road season, thanks to everyone for making it another fun season, and especially to Joe, Caitlin, and Sully (though I doubt heís on our list) for all the work they put into the conference.

-Tim Manzella

Dartmouth hosted an awesome race weekend to close out the season. They even booked some awesome weather for us. Mid-upper 60's, couldn't have asked for any better. Also: the minivan the team rented was awesome!

The time trial was a collaborative effort between BU and Drexel. Mainly because BU only had one D rider and we had 3. We started off strong and it only went down hill from there. Chat and I ended up dropping off the back and Rob and Brendan finish not last. Awesome job guys!

For the crit, let's just say that I was really early then some how late (basically officials can't tell time). Ended up spending most of the first lap play catch up and sprinting parts of it. Drained all my energy and rode the rest of my laps alone. I will make it around for at least a lap one of these days.

The road race was beautiful. The Vermont landscape is just in-creditable to ride along. But as usual, the ride was riddled with some sort of mechanical mishaps. Shifting problem. Cleat problems. Completed only 23 of the 36 miles, but had fun doing it.
Basically it was an awesome weekend to end the season, and I going to miss racing in the ECCC until I decide whether I heading to grad school or not. ECCC racing just might help me decide.

-Charles Rumford

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