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Conference Championship by Northeastern


Saturday - XC

  • Men's C
    • 1st - Tim Manzella
    • 8th - Adam Leman

Sunday - STXC

  • Men's C
    • 1st - Tim Manzella
    • 3rd - Adam Leman

Race Report

A trip up to Blue Mountain was in store this weekend for the MTB Conference Championships hosted by Northeastern. Yea, try to figure out that one, a school up in Mass. hosting a race down in PA. Iím not complaining since it means less driving on our part. Adam (making his mtb debut) and I decided to take part in the endurance events of the weekend.

First up on Saturday was the cross country cross, which was suppose to be around 8 miles but turned out to be way less, pretty much the time it took us to complete the lap was the same time as the short track that would happen later. The course was essentially climb up a long, switchback laced fire road to the top of the mountain and then take some single track trails back down the mountain. It was pretty much a roadie friendly course which was to my liking. It got off to a fast start before the climb, but since it was a fire road it didnít matter where you were when the climbing started. Ross (UPenn) and I lead most of the way up the climb with Adam, Jay (Temple) and a kid from PSU following us by a handful of seconds. Ross and I kept asking each other why no one was with us and just kept hoping to get a big enough gap that we could hold it for the single track. We got to the top of the mountain together and I ended up following Ross for the first part of the single track down the mountain. Ross ended up taking a spill right before a large grass field that you gained a huge chunk of speed on, so I passed him and never saw anyone again until the end. When I was following Ross, I was getting many shouts from people that I knew that I should be passing him since I was an A on the road, to which I replied as we flew away that he was also an A race. I noticed as I got closer and closer to the bottom of the mountain that there was no way that this distance was correct. I came into the finish with Joe, Caitlin, and Sully all saying I must have made a wrong turn, but when everyone else started coming in, it became clear the course was short. They wanted to send us out again, which I would have be fine with, but the decision was made to just add some time to the race the next day. So on a roadie friendly course I ended up winning Menís C, which pretty much proves that I should have upgraded, oh well maybe I sandbagged it a little bit. Adam ended up rolling in a couple of minutes later in 8th place.

After the race, our wheels from our bikes ended up getting loaned out to other people that kept getting flats on the course. As Adam put it, our bikes got more use from other people than us. Before the afternoon downhill events that we would be watching, Adam and I went out into town to find supplies for símores, since it was nice enough out that we decided to camp out instead of going to my parents house. The Dual Slalom was a pretty cool course and Adam and I picked out a good spot on course to watch the majority of the races. Afterwards the DS there was the traditional banquet but this one was accompanied by fireworks. The fireworks were due to the fair that was going on at the base of the mountain, but hey we were there too so it must have been for us. The cool thing about championships is that you get medals and also a cool tree plaque thingy from the promoters. Pretty much it looks like NU went out with a chainsaw, cut down a small tree, and then made discs that they branded with the place.

The next day was the short track which was once again a road friendly course with no real single track trails, mainly a fire road and then so double track mulch through the woods. The hardest part of the course was that you crossed a loose gravel channel from a ravine and then climbed up a loose dirt hill to the woods. The hill wasnít bad in the beginning but as the race went on you had to take the correctly line otherwise you lost traction. I ended up getting off to a fast start and got the hole shot and led over the loose gravel channel and climbed up the hill, I looked back when I got to the woods and noticed that no one was on my wheel. I turns out the kid behind me had some issues going over the gravel and caused a backup behind me allowing a gap to up. I spent the rest of the race at the front with a Northeastern rider chasing me for the first few laps, but then he faded off. There were a couple of times that I slipped going up the hill and had to cyclocross it, and has Sully told me as he kept track of laps and needed to do a better job at finding the line. The officials were nice enough to lets us go for additional time which ended up being only one lap less than the B race. When I came to the finish I ended up lapping an RIT guy but then lost traction going up the hill, so he passed me and I gave him a push and told him to finish his last lap. It turns out me not lapping him allowed him to actually move up a spot in the results, because he was able to catch up with a person in front of him. So to summarize, I ended up getting first, and Adam battled it out with the NU kid and ended up coming in 3rd place.

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