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StatenCX 3.0 Cyclocross Weekend

I did the StatenCX race on Saturday, and since it was a collegiate race, I donned the Drexel Lycra most fitting for a November CX race - the long sleeve Drexel skinsuit, warm embrocation for the legs and Leeuw Van Vlaanderen Socks. The race was pretty sweet for several reasons:

1. People complaining about the course being too hard. The first half was pretty tame, grass with lots of turns, the barriers, and a nice beach run with a wooden staircase afterwards. The second half was more challenging. There were a ton of roots, basically dictating the lines, so passing on the second half was challenging. There was a section with a nice root tabletop of ~6inches you had to jump to get on. Then there was a run DOWN into a run up. Still, the course was FAST. We did 8 laps of 2.5km in 45 min. Each lap had 3 running sections, so that was a lot of running for quick laps, too. Kudos to the organizers for making a course worth talking about.

2. There were a decent number of collegiate racers. My race had 4 Rutgers, an RIT, and myself. This was out of 42 starters. The B race was at 10am. This was b/c the C race was after the elites, genius in my opinion. Let the C race destroy the course (and tape) after everyone else had raced. It also gets people out for the Elite races.

3. There was free bacon. I repeat THERE WAS FREE BACON.

4. Wafels and Dinges, the best lunch truck in NYC was there, selling belgian wafels (Dutch spelling) with awesome toppings.

5. My race went pretty well. I started last row b/c I registered hours before the registration closed. I moved up well, and was in a group of guys with Joe Pigga (Lehigh alum) and Alex Bremer (Columbia alum). Both are decently fast, and we caught several people and dropped them. Alex and I had a good battle through the last two laps and I got the better of him coming through the last set of barriers, and held the gap.

6. I locked my keys out of the car, too. Flashes of the BU team doing the same thing ran through my head. Using the skills that Drexel certainly hasn't given me - I broke back into my car in under 15min. Thanks to the Belgian guys working for BioRacer who had the perfect coathanger (they helped b/c they liked my Lion of Flanders socks).

All in all, an interesting course with a lot of features you don't see every day. It was only 90min from Philly, and it's a collegiate race. Next year people!


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