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Dartmouth and UNH Weekend

Race Results

Saturday - ITT

  • Men's A
    • 28th - Tim Manzella
  • Men's C
    • 19th - Bryan Carbone
  • Men's D
    • 16th - Brendan Diener
  • Men's Open
    • 3rd - Nick Calcagni

Saturday - Criterium

  • Men's A
    • 18th - Tim Manzella
  • Men's B
    • 32nd - Brett Houser
  • Women's B
    • 8th - Julia Kuder
  • Men's C
    • 6th - Bryan Carbone
  • Men's D
    • 13th - Brendan Diener
    • 26th - Tom Calcagni

Sunday - Road Race

  • Men's A
    • 30th - Tim Manzella
  • Women's B
    • 10th - Julia Kuder
  • Men's C
    • 27th - Bryan Carbone
    • 43rd - Mark Donovan
  • Men's D
    • 15th - Tom Calcagni
    • 23rd - Brendan Diener
  • Men's 4/5
    • 4th - Brett Houser
    • 10th - Nick Calcagni

Race Report

We're going to start this important off with the exciting items first, which is had nothing to do with racing bikes which is pretty much in line with everything DFTC stands for. Back during Brendan and mine's trip to the ECCC meeting in February we had a discussion about his roommates getting 50 chicken mcnuggets in one sitting. I made the offhand comment that it didn't sound to hard, and Brendan held me to my word. So after much nagging on his part I finally said I would do it after the UNH road race. It happened to be that the Subway Joe lead us to had a Mcdonalds by it. So Brendan got me my 50 nuggets and I went on my way with the deadline being 90 minutes to eat them all. I got though the first 20 pretty quickly and then the next 10 before I started feeling the hunger disappear (or get replaced with what the hell are you doing questions from the brain). I started to take my time which ended up being my downfall since when chicken mcnugget's get cold they taste horrible, which even Brendan admitted after he had one. So to end this story here, I ended up eating 37 mcnuggets in an hour, which is the newly established team record. So now on to the bike racing stories.

The normal Dartmouth weekend got combined with UNH this year so there were different courses than the past 3 years. Darmouth ran the first day with an ITT and a crit and UNH ran the second day with a TTT and a road race. UNH hasn't hosted a race since I was a Freshman, and that race got cancelled due to flooding, so probably the only person that knew what the road race course was like was Joe. The ITT (since Dartmouth previously did a TTT before their crit) was a new course that featured a decent amount of climbing, including a dirt climb. The crit course was along frat row like in past years but no longer featured the corner of death. I was a little dissappointed that they got rid of the turn because it did change on the race would end up. With the turn in place, the fields would normally get very small by the end of the race because you carried no momentum into the uphill that follows. Since they got rid of the turn, you had a longer run into the hill so from the Men's A that meant that hardly anyone got dropped from the race. The road race course on Sunday had about 3 climbs per lap in it that definitely got to you as the race went on. Each lap was about 20 miles long and was pretty much a big figure 8 with each leg of the figure 8 being 10 miles long. It also seemed like each descent on the course was followed by a sketchy corner of some kind, which in some of the categories meant crashes.

Enough with the course descriptions, now onto the actual trip itself. There were 10 of us that went up for the weekend including Joe, Chat, and Nick C. who joined us for the Open ITT and the 4/5 road race and convinced his younger brother to put off his school work and join us. Only a couple of us did the ITT in the morning because Tom and Brett decided to instead spectate and cheer us on during the race. This led to much heckling by Joe when he saw this walking up the climb has the D race was going off. Luckily Brett had his superhero's cape on and was able to get away before too much harm was done by the heckler. It was definitely a harder ITT than I thought and I personally did save enough energy for the last climb on the course. Pretty much you started on a hill, climbed said hill and then were flat for awhile before getting to a dirt road that had a climb on it. After the climbing the dirt road the course leveled off for a little bit before the climb to the finish. Bryan and Brendan did pretty well in their races, with Bryan getting a top 10 out of his effort in the Men's C field. Nick had the pleasure of doing the ITT against someone from the Jamis-Sutter Home Team (no not Jamie Driscoll though he was there for the Men's A crit) and only got beat by one place.

After we packed up our gear we headed over to the crit to survey the wind conditions, and the conclusion was that it was very windy out on the home stretch of the course. Brendan and Tom were the first ones to hit the course in the Men's D field. With the split in divisions for the D race, it meant that there was a pretty small field for the race and there won't be much room to hide in the field if you were worn out. Brendan listened to some of my advice after filtering out the junk advice and didn't stick his nose out into the wind as much this week and even grabbed 2nd in one of the prime sprints. Tom is starting to look better and better in the D field and hung in there for the majority of the race. Hopefully the warmer weather at PSU this weekend will help him get through the entire crit. Bryan apparently did really well (6th place) in the C race against the a large field since they decided to combine the C fields together to make up lost time (I was coaching Intro's at the time). Chat did his first C race this weekend and did pretty well lasting about half the race (from what I'm told) in the pack. Brett after stripping out of his superhero costume to hide is identity, took part in the Men's B race and looked strong through out the race. A break survived the final 6 or so laps of the race and held on by inches to stun the field. Julia made her way up from Boston to join us for the Women's B race and had to go against the MIT juggernaut who she would join for the TTT on Sunday. She held her on against the Women's A and placed well in the Women's B field. The Men's A race was interesting with everyone watching Jamie since everyone knew that he was trying to win the race to help out UVM in the overall standings. There was a crash with about 7 laps to go in the race in which I ended up riding over one of the guys bikes inorder to try and maintain contact with the field. Probably about half the field ended up getting stuck behind the crash and weren't able to rejoin the race since it was inside the free lap limit. This probably helped me out since it meant that there were be less people in the sprint, which if the crash hadn't happened would have probably been about the whole field. I definitely blew one of my matches trying to catching back onto the pack after the crash, and combined with the rain/hail that started coming done at the end of the race meant that it was hard to move up for the finish. I ended up being in the points but definitely could have done better.

The rain that started at the end of the Men's A race continued until Sunday morning for the TTT. The only one brave enough to line up for the TTT was Julia who did it was the B squad of MIT's large A team. Her team ended up placing 2nd in Womens' A to the other team from MIT. The rain was nice enough to stop in time for the road races and the sun also came out which meant the day wouldn't be as bad as some people thought. Bryan and Mark were the first ones to test out the course with Brendan and Tom starting only a couple minutes behind. Both the Men's C and D fields were doing the same distance of 40 miles which surpised a number of the D riders since they thought they would only be doing 1 lap of the course. I ended up checking out half of the course when I went out with the Intro race and realized it was going to be an interesting day if the Men's A field decided to race. I really can't say much about how the races for the Men's D and C went since I only saw them after they came in, so you'll have to get the stories from them. The Men's A race was an interesting affair with no one wanting to really push the pace during the first lap. A couple of us pushed the pace on the climbs which dropped a number of people but we were going at a pretty slow pace (we still average 22ish for the first lap) for our field. I ended up attacking up the final climb of the first lap and getting away from the field and joining a Mcgill rider who was already off the front. We ended up getting pretty clear of the field, enough so that we wouldn't actually see them for another 40+ miles when they caught us going into the final lap. Apparently the field really wasn't interested in chasing us until Alan moved up to our break with the wheels about half way through the 3rd lap. When he came up to us he told us we had about a 2 minute gap on the field, which was the largest I've ever had on the field and longest I've ever been away from a field. We ended up getting caught by a Brown rider during the 3rd lap of the race and he worked with us for a little bit before deciding to attack us on the one climb, which didn't make sense to me or the Mcgill rider since we probably would have lasted longer if he had just taken an easier pace and kept working with us. I definitely bonked when the field caught us going into the 4th lap and wasn't able to hang with them up the climb to the finish going into that lap. We definitely got a lot of good jobs and pats on the back from the majority of the field when they caught us. It definitely looked like the field got cut inhalf when they caught us because there were probably only 20 or so people left in the field when we started with close to 50 riders. Pam the official was nice enough to pull and place me and the Mcgill rider so that we didn't have to do the final lap so I was able to go back to my car and watch Brett, Nick, and Julia finish up their 3rd lap of the course (for them that was their finish). Brett ended up having an amazing day and attacked the field early in the race and was solo for awhile before being caught by a couple of riders only to get dropped by them and going solo the rest of the way to hold onto 4th. Julia ended up dropping her chain up one of the climbs and ended up having to ride a majority of the race with only one other rider but still had a good time. Nick's highlight was getting a PB&J sandwich from Wyatt of PSU through the feed zone, which Nick couldn't thank him enough for.

The conclusions from this weekend for me atleast were that I had to go big to try and get some major points to go to nationals and I went big, but the gable didn't pay off. It was definitely fun to be off the front of a race for that long and meant that the sweet solo pictures that Chat has of me are no longer me off the back of a race trying to catch back on but rather me off the front of a race, which is totally what everyone is actually looking for in a weekend. Next weekend is the final week of the season over at Penn State and it should be fun with eight of us racing and a couple of alumni joining us as well.

-Tim Manzella

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