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Eastern's at Penn State

Race Results

  • Overall Ranking for the year - 14th in Division 1

Saturday - Road Race

  • Men's A
    • DNF - Tim Manzella
  • Men's B
    • 26th - Brett Houser
  • Women's B
    • 2nd - Julia Kuder
  • Men's C
    • 22nd - Bryan Carbone
    • DNF - Brendan Diener
  • Men's D1
    • 30th - Tom Calcagni
    • 32nd - Mervin Choun

Sunday - Criterium

  • Men's A
    • 31st - Tim Manzella
  • Men's B
    • 24th - Brett Houser
  • Women's B
    • 3rd - Julia Kuder
  • Men's C
    • 44th - Byran Carbone
    • 49th - Brendan Diener
    • 56th - Mark Donovan
  • Men's D
    • 19th - Tom Calcagni
    • 30th - Mervin Choun

Well here it is, my last race report that you'll get from me. The conference championship weekend for the ECCC took place once again at Penn State which meant that there would be tons of shenanigans and ice cream to be had by all. We had a good turn out this weekend with attendance, with 8 racers (Tom, Mervin, Brendan, Mark, Bryan, Brett, Julia, and myself) and 3 alumni (Nick, Blake, and Steve B.). A couple of us headed out early on Friday in order to get to Penn State with enough time to hang out and pillage their campus of all the ice cream they had. We ended up going to an all you can eat stir fry place called the Green Bowl. Basically they give you a bowl and you fill it up with what you want and they stir fry it. Probably some of the best stir fry I've had in awhile (sorry mom and dad but its true) and it was worth the multiply bowls that I had. Afterwards we made the first of many trips for ice cream and stop by the creamery to enjoy their large amounts of ice cream for only 3 bucks. I don't know why more campuses don't have their own creamery's but they should. Also we discovered the difference between a state school and a private school but we'll let you figure out what that means. We got back to the hotels right before the rest of the crew arrived so we all hung out for a little bit before heading to our respective rooms (or staying in our rooms) to contemplate the meaning of suffering up Black Mo.

Saturday was the road race up Black Mo, which is pretty much a 20 mile loop with a couple of small rollers and then a 5 mile long climb near the end. On the drive up, it was raining a little bit and got pretty foggy the closer we got to the course. The fog would be out until early afternoon and got pretty dense at times. It made for a pretty dramatic road race setting, kinda like a scary movie being filmed. I can't really tell you much about all of the other races since it was such a large course and I was out coaching intro's on a separate course. My race was pretty uneventful until the first time up black mo, but the descent in the beginning of the race was fun through the fog. It wasn't until after the climb that you could actually see anything except the rider in front of you. The entire A field was probably over dressed for the race because it started in probably 35ish degree weather but after the first lap the fog had lifted and it was up into the 50's. The first time up the main climb was faster than any of the other times I've ever done the course (once in B's and once in A's) average well over 12mph for the climb. I ended up getting dropped near the top of the climb and couldn't catch back on during the 3 mile stretch before the small descent to the finish, so I decided to throw in the towel after the first lap instead of during the remaining 60 miles to save some energy for the crit the next day. After changing I ended up going up to the feed zone and hanging out with the rest of the team that wasn't race and some of the UPenn team. I ended up feeding a couple of people from other teams that I knew while we were up there(and missed a feed hand off which Brendan enjoyed making fun of me for).

After everyone had finished their races and we headed back to the hotels to quickly change before heading over to the bbq banquet because PSU knows what ECCCers want after a long road race. After devouring our pulled pork and chicken, the team traded stories about the day (I assume or they sat there quietly not talking to anyone) while I helped Joe with setting up the medals. After the boring stuff was done we headed over to the creamery with the ECCC cup in hand after Steve quietly walked out with it. Steve came up with the idea of eating ice cream out of it so he got some bags and put them in the cup and then put his ice cream in the cup. The campus police stopped by at one point because they thought Steve had stolen the Orange Bowl trophy from Joe Pa, or as they put it stole Joe Pa's Orange Bowl trophy. Luckily (or unlikely depending on if you got annoyed by his snoring or not) Steve did not get arrested and the evening continued with UNH giving us about 2 gallons of ice cream that they couldn't finish. This was shared with BU and UVM who were also at the creamery at that time. After walking around campus some more and once again realizing the difference between PSU and Drexel we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Sunday brought about the criterium around Frat row and some small rain showers that would wreck havoc on some of the fields. After preriding the course on a tandem with Ben from BU, I joined the rest of the team and Steve (yes he did actually ride his bike this weekend) for a couple laps of the course. They were running the course in the counter-clockwise directions which was how I originally had raced the course and personally think it runs better that way, though I can't say why I have come to that conclusion. Tom and Mervin were the first two to go off for Drexel and test their legs against the 6 corner monster. Tom ended up taking a spill on one of the early laps but got his free lap and was able to rejoin the group on the road. Both of the guys ended up getting pulled about half way through the race as the field shattered due to the wind and pressure applied by the large UDel contingent that showed up for the weekend. I ended up missing most of the Men's C race because I decided to go get coffee on campus with Maggie of NU since there was no Men's Intro field, or at least none showed up for the clinic. I can't at least tell you the Brendan snuck into the front row of the field of the large combined C field for his first Men's C criterium. It appears from the results that all three of the guys (Brendan, Bryan, and Mark) got pulled but placed for the race, which is to be expected when a large field takes on such a small technical course. Brett was up next in the Men's B race and he decided to rock his red Flash underwear over his bib's in a hope to gain powers from it. I suggest that he do it last weekend and it appears that he finally took my suggest and it appears that it worked, since he decided to take a 6 lap flyer in the later part of the race that might have worked if some other people from the field decided to give him some company. Maybe the underwear intimidated them or possible scared them away, but either way it was a good move and I think the first time the Brett made a move of that kind. Julia, following in Brett's lead ended up taking a flyer during here race too and was joined by one of the women's A racers in her field. They ended up holding on for a decent amount of time, but it appears that MIT didn't like the rider they had away with her and pulled it back before releasing another one of their many racers. Even with her effort, Julia hung in for the rest of the race and ended up pulling of a top 10 in the combined A/B category. A rain had started coming down in the middle of Julia's race and ended up continuing when the Men's A went off. I ended up getting a 2nd row starting position so I ended up being ahead of many of the field splits that would happen early in the race. The race was fine until the rain stopped turning the course into a slip and slide. I ended up being ahead of a number of crashes or decently far back from ones at the very front until a went down in turn 2 for no apparent reason. I must of been slightly off on my balance because it was the same line I had been taking earlier in the race and was the same line everyone else was taking. Other than some scraps and bruising to my left side, I was fine and hopped back into the race after some counseling from Joe about tactics. I ended up getting back into the field and was on the tell end of the pack when Eric from UPenn when down in turn 3. I ended up catching myself from falling on him just barely and headed back to the pit. I ended up re-joining the field again but my confidence in turning was shaken and I ended up trailing off the back of the group and did a bunch of solo laps before getting the whistle to stop. Luckily I completed about 2/3 of the race so they still placed me which was nice, so I at least finished my last A race.

After cleaning up the wounds, packing up, and going to the award ceremony we all headed over to the Green Bowl for some more stir fry. Much like the Chinese place in A Christmas Story, the place was open for business so we could get as much stir fry as we wanted. Unfortunately the creamery was closed for Easter, so we had to head to Cold Stone Creamery for less ice cream for more money, but it was still good. After that we all headed back to the cars and headed back to Philly and arrived back before midnight for the first time in a couple of weeks. So ends the ECCC road season, it was a fun one with a dedicated set of people heading to every race, though the numbers were down from a couple of years ago, it was nice to see a core group of people always going to races. The other nice thing is that pretty much all of that core of people will be back next year which bodes very well for you guys and the team as a hole. So thank you all for a fun final year of racing and I'll see you out on the roads.

-Tim Manzella

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