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Rutgers Season Opener Race weekend

Race Results

ITT Ė Saturday Morning

  • Menís A
    • 36th Tim Manzella (4:49.45)
  • Menís B
    • 35th Brett Houser (5:02.35)
  • Menís C
    • 49th Mark Donovan (5:18.46)
  • Menís D
    • 28th Brendan Diener (5:26.52)
    • 33rd Calahan Kirkner (5:34.02)
  • Menís E
    • 4th Bryan Carbone (5:03.36)
    • 25th Mervin Choun (5:45.82)
    • 26th Thomas Calcagni (5:46.42)

Crit Ė Saturday Afternoon

  • Menís A
    • 17th Tim Manzella
  • Menís B
    • 38th Brett Houser
  • Menís C
    • 50th Mark Donovan
  • Menís D
    • 55th Brendan Diener
    • Calahan Kirkner Ė not listed for some reason
  • Menís E
    • 2nd Bryan Carbone
    • 28th Thomas Calcagni
    • 34th Mervin Choun
  • Womenís C
    • 2nd Julia Kuder

Points Race Ė Sunday

  • Menís A
    • 24th Tim Manzella
  • Menís B
    • 26th Brett Houser
  • Menís C
    • DNF Mark Donovan
  • Menís D
    • 36th Brendan Diener
  • Menís E
    • 3rd Bryan Carbone
    • 18th Thomas Calcagni
  • Womenís C
    • 3rd Julia Kuder
  • Team Overall Ė 13th in Division for weekend and current season overall
  • Brendan vs. Chat Results (lowest number is the winner and holds bragging rights for the week)
    • ITT: 28th vs. 20th
    • Crit: 55th vs. 39th
    • Points: 36th vs. 32nd
    • Total: Brendan Ė 119 points Chat - 91 points (Winner)

Race Report

The road season is upon us and that calls for a lovely trip to beautiful New Jersey or more specifically Rutgers Universityís Race Weekend. The course changed a little bit this year, with a flat and very short time trial on Saturday morning, the crit around the athletic complex on Saturday afternoon, and the new points race course on Sunday. The time trial called for us waking up at a very early hour to get there in time to get our numbers and warm up for racing. This early wakeup was magnified by the fact that I was up to 1am working on Senior design and had to wakeup at 3amish in order to get over to Drexel in time to leave. All I have to say is that Iím happy that daylights savings time is next weekend and wasnít this past weekend. We ended heading to Colonial Park, which happened to be a place I went to as a kid when I visited my grandparents. You can ask Brett, but as we got close I kept saying I think I know where we are, and then when we headed to the registration area I realized where I was. Unfortunately, the mini-golf course was closed so the chance to just play golf that whole day instead of racing couldnít happen. After all of the early wave racers got their numbers I got to stand in line for a good half an hour to pick up my numbers. I got done with my numbers just in time to see the million and one Dís start to go off. Somehow without me even telling them, the our D racers made sure to get there early so they wouldnít have to stand in a long line to start their race. The course was definitely shorter than the 2.2 miles I though I saw in the flyer, but Iíve been wrong before. Either way, everyone finish under 6 minutes for the 1.8ish mile course. There should be a nice close battle between Tom and Mervin for the rest of the season, they were less than a second off of each other in the time trial and finished close to each other in the crit. The other note is that Bryan almost beat Brett in his time trial, so we found our sandbagger on our team once again. After we packed up our things, we drove down to the Rutgersí football stadium for the usually afternoon crit.

The course was the same as in past years with four corners and a nice and bumpy finishing straight. Itís weird that Rutgers wouldnít take care of the roads that lead to the parking for their stadium but I guess they have other problems to deal with. Eventually it will just turn into a gravel crit on the one part which Iím pretty sure Joe would support. There was plenty of time when we got there to pre-ride the course and figure out the wind direction, and oh did I mention potholes, always good to know where those are. The Dís where the first ones off and like in past years the field split apart after the first couple of laps. Calahan and Brendan found groups to ride with until they got pulled and each place pretty well, though for some reason Calahan doesnít show up in the results at all. From what I remember from watching, Calahan was ahead of Brendan. Next up were Cís with Mark trying his stab at racing Cís again, though this time without other people since I made Brett upgrade before the weekend. He hung in their pretty well but the wind got to the bunch and he ended up finishing with a group that was a little bit off the back of the pack. The Menís E were up next and after their coached portion where they learned the interesting topics of how to turn and brake without killing each other they took to the course. Like always someone went off like a bullet out of hell, Bryan played it well and didnít go after the initial person but formed a group with a couple of other guys and got second. Mervin and Tom each found a group and rolled in with pretty decent placings, give them another week and they should be able to do Dís. Julia was up next to keep the Drexel Womenís Team alive and played her cards right. I was off coaching Womenís D and was suddenly notified that she was in a 2 person breakaway the whole race. She ended up being on the wrong end up the 2 person break and was stuck pulling into the last time and got out sprinted for the win. Either way it was a great return to racing for her, and sheíll probably be doing Womenís B next week. Brett after his forced upgrade to B so that he couldnít sandbag Cís hung on with the pack for awhile and even challenged for a couple of primes. He ended up getting dropped off the back of a shrinking lap and pulled himself with a couple laps to go, though Alan was going to let him keep going the whole way. As I commented to him, he did better than I did my first race in Bís when I was involved in a crash right before the last turn. Joe was standing there when I said it and broke at laughing when I said he did better than me. I was up next for the A race and hung in there pretty well for the lack of sleep. There was a sizeable crash about halfway through the race that saw 20 of us go to the pit for the free lap. I end-up with a scrap on my bike from the pile-up but never went to the ground. I have to admit as soon as it happened the first thing I thought as I rode to the pit was here we go again based on last season. Luckily I was able to get back in with the field after the free lap and hung out through it all and actually got some national qualifying points in 17th place. Definitely a lot better than last year, and is the earliest Iíve ever gotten points. We then departed from the stadium after it was dark due to me talking with people for awhile after the race while the whole team waited, Iím nice like that. We made a pit stop for some good old NJ Turnpike rest stop food before getting back into Philly for the night.

Sunday brought about a later departure from Drexel and a shorter day of racing, though we would have to deal with the rain through out the day. Calahan ended up getting sick beforehand so he ended up resting for the day instead of racing, so Brendan was racing Menís D on his own. The points race course took place at Jamesburg park where Rutgersí holds its cyclocross racing during the fall, so I was familiar with the location though I didnít remember the hill that circles the venue being so big. For those that donít know what a points race is, its similar to a crit where is on a short course. Instead of the winner being whoever is across the line first on the last lap, its done based on points collect throughout the race. Basically every couple of laps there would be points at stake for the first 4 across the line and however had the most points at the end wins. So theoretically you could finish 2nd in every sprint and the finish and win the race since the finish is not weighted any different than the rest of the sprints. The ECCC hasnít done this format for a while, but it would be fun to do again next year. It was definitely a fun course with only 1 real turn but a hard than people thought hill. Every field, other than the Menís A, got split apart by their first trip up the hill. The Menís D race was pretty much like watching a merry-go-round with riders just continuously passing the starting line. The rain was nice enough to only be light at this point and only be on and off. Brendan started off well and was up with the front group on the first lap but then had his chain drop at the top of the hill. He ended up being in the back but ended up working his way through groups to get a decent placing. I missed Markís race due to the getting ready for the Menís E clinic, and apparently he took a spill when someone hopped off the road and then back on. He had some scraps on his knee but should be good to go for next week. Bryan and Tom once again took on the Menís E field which were taught the important points of cycling like what shorts to wear and how long you should wear them. We canít have them going into Dís like the rest of the Dís that walk around all day in their cycling shorts. Bryan and Tom ended up doing pretty good in the split up field with each of them finding a group. Bryan once again challenged for the win and ended up with 3rd on the day and Tom rolled in for 18th. Julia decided to do the points race and ended up away with 3 other girls for most of the race. She ended up getting 3rd once all of the points were totaled. Brett did much better the second day of racing Bís and last for almost the whole race with the pack. Even the B race broke up like the rest of the fields though it did have a very small field. Heís got use to the speed difference between the C and B field and should be good to go for next weekend in NYC. The A race was an interesting affair with the climbs taking a lot of the primes because as Joe pointed out at the end, the race is definitely not for the sprinters due to the hill. I tend to agree with him since it only seemed like the smaller riders were there in the end with a couple of exceptions. I ended up lasting through the selection which saw less than 30 people finish with the lead group. The downpour that happened halfway through our race definitely zapped some strength out of my legs and I ended up not getting myself into a good position before the final turn and got killed in the sprint. I discovered I was faster than most people on the top part of the climb where I would generally gain place on people during the race, but due to the finish being only half way up the climb on a flat section I couldnít use that to my advantage. More importantly, on the way back Brett pulled off the first Drexel mooning of the year and nailed Joe with it. Joe was suspecting anything just waved at me when I honked and then say Brett, it was funny. Though it could have been better if Tom mooned him too.

Next week sees us at NYC on Saturday for the Grantís Tomb Criterium and then the Delaware Water Gap for our first road race of the year.

-Tim Manzella

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