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Yale Lux et Velocitas

Race Results

Saturday Morning – Individual Time Trial

  • Men’s C
    • 21st – Bryan Carbone
  • Men’s D
    • 27th – Brendan Diener
    • 36th – Tom Calcagni

Saturday Afternoon – Circuit Race

  • Men’s C
    • 30th – Bryan Carbone
  • Men’s D1
    • 26th – Brendan Diener
    • 35th – Tom Calcgani

Sunday – Criterium

  • Men’s A
    • 13th – Tim Manzella
  • Men’s B
    • 31st – Brett Houser
  • Men’s C
    • 24th – Bryan Carbone
  • Men’s D
    • 15th – Brendan Diener
    • 32nd – Thomas Calcagni
  • Cat 4/5
    • 20th – Bryan Carbone
    • 21st – Brendan Diener
    • 22nd – Brett Houser
    • 34th – Tom Calcagni
  • Cat 3/4
    • 25th – Brett Houser
    • 30th – Tim Manzella
    • 32nd – Joe Kopena

Race Report

I was only at the Sunday portion of this race due to having to take my FE Exam on Saturday, much to the disgust of Joe who can’t figure out why I would put my professional career ahead of the ECCC. I’m not sure why I did either because I definitely missed out on a good day of racing. Brett and I drove up on Saturday night and got to the hotel to join the rest of the team pretty quickly even by my standards. There was a truck in the car that looked exactly like the dog truck from Dumb and Dumber, just without the ears on it. Would have been way cooler if the ears were on it. The night was spent mixing Brendan’s Bottom Bracket and cleaning my bike all while watching one of Brett’s anime movies about cycling. Probably the best cycling movies ever, especially when the components are called Shimagnolo or something like that and T-Mobile is referred to as P-Mobile. Definitely have to watch another one of those next weekend to get ready for the race.

Sunday’s criterium was the same course as 2 years ago when I last did the Yale weekend with 5 turns and some nice wind. Brendan and Tom were up first in the D1 race which saw Brendan on the front way too much for his own good. Unlike Boston and RPI were being on the front matter a lot, Yale is a course where its hard for the break to stay away due to the long sight lines. He still hung in there well and finished 15th or something like that. Tom did really well and is starting to get the hang of racing in criteriums and lasted with the field for at least half the race before getting shot out the back. The more he races, the better he is getting so look for him to tear up the field next year. Bryan was up next with the C race and spent his time in the middle of the field shielding himself from the wind on the backside of the course. He looked strong during the race, but I guess he got boxed in for the sprint. After coaching the intro men and women on bumping and other basics, and caught the beginning of Brett’s B race. He got a flat about half way through his race probably due to the holes in the 2nd corner on the course but was able to rejoin the field. He was looking strong and even made a couple of moves to the front of the field, but ended up rolling in with the middle of the field deciding not to contest the sprint. I was up next with a strangely sketchy Men’s A race, with a bunch of flats through out the race and a couple of crashes in the last couple of laps. I ended up being one of the people that got a flat but luckily it was within the free lap period so Brendan gave me his wheel and I was able to continue. Definitely a little pissed at the official in the pit because he was blocking me from starting to get up to speed to join the field until they were half passed me. They were doing it the whole day and I don’t understand why because the finishing straight is downhill and for the A’s we were going at least mid 30’s the whole time. I ended up just going around him as the past me so that I could actually join my race. I ended up getting decent position for the sprint at the end though there was a lot of fighting for it and a sprint with one lap to go due to a crash in the final corner on the 2nd to last lap. I ended in 13th place in a large cluster of people that somehow Alan Atwood was able to figure out who got what place. Brendan, Brett, Bryan, and Tom all decided to do the 4/5 race and I convince Joe to do the 3/4 race with me. All of them did really well in the race, especially Tom who hung in the pack for longer than he did in the Men’s D race, he ended up going a lap down but was able to rejoin the field and finished with the pack. The rest of them all rolled in together in the middle of the field. Joe and I warmed up for the 3/4 race being taking Red Bull Energy Shots with Maggie before the race. Definitely not a good idea because I felt them halfway through our race. Joe definitely got hyper from them and was spinning way faster than normal. I stayed up near the front of the race, but had nothing left.after the A race and wasn’t able to jump as well as I was earlier in the day. Brett ended up getting the better of me after I sat up for the sprint cause my legs were dead.

After we pack up all of Joe’s gear; Brendan, Brett, Joe and I headed up the hill used for the circuit course because I had never got to ride the new course they had used this year. Definitely wish I didn’t have my exam because it looked like a fun course. I was never able to do the course when I raced it 2 years ago due to having a dislocated wrist that didn’t allow me to get out of the saddle, so unfortunately I’ll never get to do the course in an actually race. We end up going to a diner for dinner with Alan Atwood, Taco and his wife, as well as another member of the Yale team. The diner was really good and had an actually dedicated vegan menu so Brett and Joe were very happy, proven by the make that Brett ordered $40 worth of food. They gave us an extra plate of sweet potato fries that Joe demolished in about 2 minutes so he was definitely happy, or else it was the red bull still kicking in. After the drive home which saw us back in Philly before midnight for once, we went are separate ways.

Next week takes us up to New Hampshire for the Dartmouth/UNH weekend with an ITT and criterium on Saturday and a TTT and Road Race on Sunday.

Tim Manzella

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