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Lehigh Mountain Bike Weekend

Alumni Race Report by Mike Derr

As Lou and I lined up for the short track C race, we both down a DD donut just prior to the gun. Heading into the first rock garden I was in front of Lou behind a bunch of NU and UVM guys, suddenly someone dismounted and I hip checked him into a tree. Unfortunately that created a traffic jam for Lou but it opened up a hole and I passed 10-12 guys who couldn't ride the rocks and finally reaching the climb back to the start finish of lap 1. As I rode the climb up I kept yelling to Joe to grab me a glazed donut but he was too busy laughing at me and taking pictures. I had to actually stop and get my own donut allowing 3 people to pass. Lou was no where in sight at this point. 3/4 of the way through the 2nd lap I realized uthe donuts were not the greatest idea when the race guy on the megaphone was yelling noone on a carbon bike should be going that slow. Somewhere in this lap Lou caught and passed me. Again as I climbed back to the start finish I yelled for a glazed, thinking the sugar would get me through another lap. Joe was laughing and taking more pictures. The next donut was consumed and by the time I hit the rock garden, the donut was down and halfway back up again. I pulled over. At this point everyone I had passed on lap 1 had passed me back and as I sat to the side, Lou passed me to the disapproval of the spectators present. Although I reinvigorated the crowd of losing my stomach on the side of the trail a minute later. Finally I made it through the woods of Lehigh heading up the hill to the start finish. As I went through I grabbed an old fashion and finished it off. I only made it another 30 feet or so before the demon in my stomach returned. I'm out. I waited. For Lou to finish. As Lou completed his 4th lap I realized he had not eaten any donuts during the race. Then we all realized we were beaten significantly by an 65 year old guy and his son. What a day.
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