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PSU MTB Weekend

Race Results

Saturday Downhill

  • Men's B
    • 2nd - Eric Cristofalo
    • 6th - Kip Otterness

Sunday Downhill

  • Men's B
    • 3rd - Eric Cristofalo
    • 5th - Kip Otterness

Race Report

All was quiet as I waited outside of North Hall around 5:30 in the
morning. Once Eric arrived we decided it would probably be a good time
to call and wakeup Brett. Shortly thereafter Brettís beast of a
vehicle rolled up and we loaded up my bike in the back. This is where
it began. Eric and I departed one direction while Brett decided to
begin his scenic tour of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
In a few hours Eric and I arrived at the race parking lot and were
able to registered with no problems. At this point Brett was a little
less than halfway through his tour of the Eastern
United States so we decided to do a course walk of the days downhill
trail. Although course walks are all the rage with the professionals
it was pretty much useless for us as what we found was a consistently
rocky, straight, course with a lack of any line choices. Fairly soon
after the hike Brett arrived with my bike and our first shuttle up
began. Eric impressively skitched up the mountain allowing me to sit

The first run down was both rough for me as well a few nearby trees.
Although I had a few spills I felt confident and decided to opt out of
another practice run. Soon afterwards the racing was set to begin but
I was lacking a number plate. Luckily Tim gave me time to ride down
the race trail and snag a number from Brett who would shuttle me back
up. I grasped the meaning Timís message immediately and raced down the
course to set booby traps for all of the C class racers whoíd go next.
Once back at the top I readied myself and for my turn to race down.
Eric went and then after the allotted time I began too. The top
section of the race was pretty solid for me but then immediately after
the more difficult rock garden things turned south. I pedaled straight
into one of my booby traps. It was a moss covered rock that I had
disguised to look like a regular mound of dirt. When I stomped into it
with my pedal I was catapulted over the bars of the bike and managed
to bend them very off center of the bike. I tried to press on anyways
but crashed three more times due to having to steer sideways so I
coasted the rest of the way down. The rest of the day was great as
there was good food to eat at the stir fry place and analized fire
tower. By the end of the day I was so tired I fell asleep by 10 in the
cab of Brettís Tacoma and managed to sleep 12 full hours until 10 the
next morning.

Sundayís course was more interesting and seemed to be the course
people were most looking forward too. Practice runs were limited as
the weekends LVD (least valuable driver) managed to back the shuttle
truck off of a cliff. After recovering both of the shuttle trucks, as
they both were backed into precarious situations, the race began.
Shortly after the start of my run I nicked something, on the dang flat
to, that sent me over the bars and into a rhododendron bush. The bush
apparently wanted to ride my bike more than I did as I had to spend a
large portion of time trying to rid the rear wheel free of all the
tangling branches. Back on course all I could think of was how Eric
was going to catch up with me and permanently shame me from the sport
of downhill. Luckily I rode the rest of the course cleanly so I can
live to ride another day.

Results are for those who donít enjoy themselves enough on a bike so
Iím going to leave those out. So to sum up the weekend I had a great
time and want to thank Eric, Joe, Brett and Tim for everything.

Sidenote- On my first days crash I hit my right side ribs pretty hard,
and may have minutely cracked one, so Iím getting to climb all the
ladders at my co-op Gears of War style which is pretty sweet.

-Kip Otterness

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