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Steven's Race

Race Reports

Well my first race in nearly two years had its ups and downs. It
began with Drexel being mistaken for a D2 school when receiving my
numbers. At F&M I always was at the starting line before everyone as
to be in the first line...but Drexel Cycling must be rubbing off on
me. Instead of being in the front line I showed up late enough that I
ended up in the last line. I somehow made a quick effort and moved up
the field to the first few riders within the first mile.
Right from the get go certain teams (Columbia, Boston, Harvard, UNH in
particular) decided to take turns placing riders on the front to
string out the field. Of course as expected none of the teams worked
together. This resulted in regular individual surges in which the
field stung out but quickly regrouped as the speed dropped to the mid
teens. I stayed up in the front of the field for about the first 3/4th
of the race, responding to each and every surge to keep my self in the
front of the field. In the first half of the final lap I looked
behind me repeatedly looking for the final attack...saw nothing.
With about 1/2 a lap to go I responded to late to one particular surge
which split the field for good, and I watched what I thought was 6-8
riders ride away. So I responded the only way I know, I chased.
During my pursuit I rode off the front of the second group with a I
think 3 riders on my rear wheel who were unwilling to help chase
despite repeated arm flicks and a verbal request for them to help out.
The three guys on my wheel then proceeded to make pushes themselves. I
tried to get an organized pace line going to no avail. At this point a
guy (I think from Montreal) attacked. I pulled him back and pressed on
since I couldn't afford to let our speed drop. Somehow our incoherent
group managed to just reach the tail end of the leading group in the
final stretch but at that point I didn't have the leg strength to put
up much of a sprint.
Final result (unofficially) 10th, ~13sec back

-Nick Ferra

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