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Army Spring Classic 2013

Race Report by Dan Gray

Here's my awesome race report:

I was late to the team departure! Didn't pack any underwear. However, more on this later... We arrived safe at the Super 8, woke up early but was sad we didn't have any men's D riders to have to go cheer on.

I sorta kinda knew where we were going, so plugged "Harriman State Park, NY" in the GPS. Sorta kinda didn't get us there, so I kept on the same road and eventually ran into the cadets setting up hay bales.

Got to the road race, then we saw Women's C riders Maureen and Eugenia off on their races. Apparently I slept for like 35 minutes, then they were back! Mo won!! 1st Place!!! Eugenia finished strong in 9th.Got good intelligence about the crazy hill and how tough it was, and how were were going to need to climb it with all we had so that we could stick with the pack on the rollers afterwards.

I was nervous about the road race, since I just figured that I'd be off the back anyways. However the pack started, moved through the turnaround, climbed the big hill well the first lap, and then we took off fast on the rollers (the pack was going about 37 mph on the flat). We passed a traffic circle and started a gentle climb, when someone in the field went down all of a sudden! Mayhem ensued as the pack regrouped, and we started on the second climb. Now the real racing began, and I slipped off to the rear of the pack. We crossed the finish line, and then regrouped as the descent picked up. We all made it safe through the turnaround and started the first climb when the main field really picked it up. Derek took off up the hill like a motorcycle with the main pack. I suffered and I was able to hang on enough to end up with Jon Lange from UVM, and Conor the UNH and I worked a pace line to bridge up to the pack if possible. We made it fine over the rollers, and remnants of the pack rolled by. We climbed the big hill together, but then on the rollers I was getting tired and lost Jon and was going solo AND THEN JOEY SHOWED UP!! Best timing ever. We worked a 6 person paceline up to Jon... and then Joey and a small group dropped me on the second climb up to the finish. Tough race!!! I was surprised that so few people finished - there must have been at least 50 people who started, but only 38 were on the list... I could not believe I had done so well!! 18th. Tom was behind me with 30th.

More to follow...

Saturday, April 13, 2013 Harriman Road Race Women's C 1st Place Maureen Gribb 9th Eugenia Chalbaud Santeliz Men's B DNP Neal Overbeck Men's C 12th Derek Wladyka 16th Joey Yacono 18th Daniel Gray 30th Thomas Calcagni DNF Brendan Diener

Sunday, April 14, 2013 Hill Climb Time Trial Women's C 10th Maureen Gribb Men's B 10th Neal Overbeck Men's C 11th Derek Wladyka 16th Joey Yacono 20th Daniel Gray 22nd Thomas Calcagni

Sunday, April 14, 2013 Shea Stadium Criterium Women's C 14th Maureen Gribb 15th Eugenia Chalbaud Santeliz Men's B DNP Neal Overbeck Men's C 5th Joey Yacono 10th Daniel Gray 18th Derek Wladyka 20th Thomas Calcagni DNF Brendan Diener

And we're back!

After purchasing superhero underwear at Walmart on Saturday night, all 5 of the Men's C riders wore them outside their shorts. Brett, you would have wept if you saw it. We warmed up for the crazy uphill time trial, and I got passed by 3 riders... Ok next year I'm climbing more hills as part of my training!

After the climb, we rode back down to the parking lot, and warmed up for the crit. We went hard from the gun, which apparently is how crits normally start, but I know Tom and I were cursing the fast start. We were pounding at about 30 mph into the wind on the straight. After the first preem things started to cool off a little, and then pick up for the next one. I made a move for the second a little too early - but I learned the places to sprint and try and get a break on the course - somewhere on the straight going into the last turn. With 3 laps to go I was leading the front, and tried to ride off the front going into the straightaway. I made a good gap, but nobody was following me, and I figured that I didn't have the legs to seriously stay away for 2.5 laps, so I folded back into the pack. I think I should have stayed on the front, because at this point the NYU guys started massing at the front. They lead into 2 laps to go, and at 1 lap to go they lead out for the sprint. UNH and Joey was hot on this guys heels, but it was tough with 3 other NYU guys trying to block. I finished with the pack!

Nice race!

And then Mo and Eugenia raced Women's C.. apparently the cornering was really sketchy because of 2 riders yo-yoing around the pack and riding different lines into the corners. I know this was a deciding factor to have Mo move up into Women's B.

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