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Bard Campus Criterium Race Report

Bard Race Report by Dan Gray

We arrived at Bard on Saturday night to be greeted by Eames, president of Bard Cycling. After settling in, I changed my tires for the criterium, and noticed that I had picked up some glass. Derek suggested that I use a "sharpened spoke." Thanks Derek, I keep one in my back pocket :P

In the morning, we discovered we were sleeping not 500 feet from the course, which of course, is the idea of host housing :) After helping a little with registration, I warmed up for the C race for about 15-20 minutes. Joey and I made our way to the front for 4 of our 17 laps. Once the preem bell went off, the pack picked it up, and RPI kept control of the front to send one of their guys up the road. Joey and I kept clawing our way back into position. Eventually that short steep section kept wearing my out, and I was working as hard as I could but still couldn't keep up with the pack, and dropped off. Me and a BU rider were fighting hard to make it back to the pack, when out of nowhere Joey and Ben (from UVM) picked us up and I started really moving faster. We past Derek, and I shouted at him to join on to us, but he was tired from staying up with the pack. Ben attacked us at the finish (as usual!!) so we coasted in about 2 min behind. Definitely fun :)

Maureen's race went really well. She picked up our 3 points for the weekend!! MVP She started with the pack, and was trying to conserve energy when they suddenly picked up the pace on the climb and dropped her! Joey, Derek and I cheered her on to the finish.

Afterwards, Derek and I met up with a local Bard guy and a Cornell A rider, and rode into the town of Red Hook for ice cream :)

Good weekend! See you at MIT or Shippensburg!

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