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Crossasaurus Awesome Race Report

By Tom Calcagni

This being the first close collegiate cyclocross race of the year, I was pretty excited. Of the 80+ people pre-registered for the 4/5 race, only about 10 or so were collegiate racers. I am feeling really in-shape for this time of year and my CX results leading up to this race have been great. TO give a bit of back-story on this: Two weeks ago I participated in Cooper River CX—started in the back and moved all the way up to place about 20th. Then, last weekend I skipped racing to do a century to focus on my stamina. I conquered all of the steep climbs on that ride and made it through all 100 miles without feeling too exhausted. I knew I was on top form.

Fast forward to this weekend…

4/5 race report (Men's C):

I started out feeling great despise getting caught up behind a crash on the first turn. I made up a lot of spots and powered past as many riders as possible on the straights. Because my weakness is cornering, I let other riders in front to guide me through the turns. I got into a great rhythm and was catching up to a group of 5-8 riders ahead of me. Feeling extra strong, I was pushing the pedals way before exiting the corners and making ground on the group ahead. But I got a little too cocky and began to turn the pedals too early mid-turn. I clipped the ground and slid out across the grass bending my shifters in the process. Had to stop to re-adjust it (shifting troubles) so I lost about 5-8 spots as riders passed me. Then I hopped back on and chased the group that just passed me, but I was still shaken up by the crash and took the corners extra cautiously. I tried to make up some more spots on the straight before the barriers, but when I dismounted and leaped over the first barrier my toe caught the top of the plank and both me and my bike ate it (and somehow managed to end up over the second barrier?). Now my right thigh hurt so much I couldn't pedal out-of-the saddle. At this point I pretty much just gave up having lost an additional 10 spots correcting my bars again and putting my chain back on. Crashing that second time made me even more cautious so I took the rest of the race really slow. I spun around for another lap or two before passing a guy dressed as pac-man and finish about 70th of who knows how many…

SSCX fun race:

Much later on in the day (about 5 or six hours after my morning race), I did the single-speed fun “race”. It is customary to wear a costume when riding any single-speed cyclocross event, so I dug up my super suit and jumped on the bike to parade around with a bunch of other costumed freaks. All of us rode the course while spectators and volunteers moved the course tape each lap. I wound up crashing again and hurting the same spot on my leg as I did earlier. At some point all hell broke loose and people started riding through the tape and taking short cuts. But in this “race” everyone “wins” since no one is officiating.

Anyone thinking about racing cyclocross needs to try it out. After my first race last year, I was hooked. Even if you end up at the back of the race like I, there are always other riders at the back with you having a fun time and weren’t bothered by the fifty or so people ahead of us taking the race seriously.

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