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ETSU Race Report

Race Report by Kip Otterness

This Saturday I decided to begin my mountain bike season traveling to Eastern Tennessee State to race their gravity events. I arrived around 7:00 in the morning and decided it was time to check out their downhill track. I was pretty stoked to see that it was fairly easy and only contained two substantial gapped jumps. To get my nerves straight I decided to just go ahead and hit the jumps early. They were smooth sailing my first run. Then I got the bright idea to hit them slow just in case my race run wasn't smooth like my previous run. Purposely botching the run into the jump I launch the gap and case the landing hard. And that's how I tacoed my rear wheel. I sheepishly walked back to my car and transferred my race plate from my downhill bike to my dirt jumping. The race was now going to be a whole lot less smooth transferring from a 7" travel monster to my hardtail bike with 3" up front. Opting around the jump on my djer cost me in my race run as I'd never looked at the go-around before and therefore managed to clip a tree and lose my grip on the pedals. The results haven't been posted yet but the downhill definitely did not go my way especially due to the fact that somewhere around 80 riders were racing

The second race of the day was 4x. I decided to refuel with my system with god's own nectar. Mountain dew with cane sugar as opposed to corn syrup can be found at any gas station in the south and was just the ticket I needed to cope with my wheel loss in the dh race. The 4x track at ETSU was HUGE and the jumps were nearly impossible to clear to the landing ramp. With that in mind I focused on pumping and manualing my way through qualifyers. I manged to pull out a time to put me in the top half of the competitors and thus get a start gate choice. Unfortunately the fastest guy on the hill crashed in his qualifier putting him in fourth place of my heat. When the gate finally dropped I was more preoccupied with my awesome balance in the gate than I was with the actual random start. That cost me on the start and put me in third place right of off the bat. I'll post my elimination video to the facebook page but on this course if you start out back there is no real option for passing and therefore my racing day was done. It did make me feel better that the two guys in my heat did indeed win the B race. I packed up my bikes and left the race to drive back home. On the way home I stopped by the best drive through around. It is simply known as cookout and offers trays that include a burger two quesadillas and a choice from over 130 different milkshake flavors for 5 bucks. Eating is the best way to handle defeat so that is just what I did.

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