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Georgia Tech Race Report

Race Report by Kip Otterness

This past weekend I went to Conyers, Georgia to race mountain bikes? Why there was a race by Flatlanta makes no sense to me but in many ways small hills are my expertise. The race was held where the 1998 Olympic horse park was so it was actually pretty cool. There was no downhill race but there was a dual slalom race. The course was super dry with sandy tight berms. Turns are my one and only true skill when it comes to bike racing so right off the bat I was feeling great about the race. I qualified high and was about to begin my first heat when officials realized the brackets were wrong! So I sat up top and talked it up with the official and was then sent down to bring the bracket to the people at the bottom for them to redo them. Not only did I get an extra practice run but I also got huge cheers because all the spectators hadn't seen any riding in around 20 minutes. Those cheers alone were enough to make the entire weekend worthwhile. Then the real racing began. I won all my heats with no problem all the way until finals. In the championship race my first run I take a corner way too quick and get huge front wheel drift. I managed to pull it all together just well enough to keep my bottom bracket within my blue lane. This cost me 1.4 seconds on the other rider. After being told that there were medals for top finishers I knew it was really time to step up my game on the second race for the final. Luckily all the jumps were small enought that I could actually bunny hop over the lips allowing maximum time on the ground. I ended up making 1.41 seconds on the other guy and I won B's slalom! Turns out the medals were just for omnium results but in my book a win is a win. On the drive home I stopped at one of the 12 confirmed Waffle Houses on my route between Atlanta and Asheville and indulged in a ton of full sized waffles. Unfortunately I relearned that waffle house does not include the different syrup flavors like IHOP but all in all it did my body well. Other good news is this race bumped my license to A's in downhill and dual slalom so if all goes to plan I should be able to qualify for nationals this year!

I also attached a picture I found off of Warren Wilson College's facebook page. I'm pretty good friends with everyone on that team since I live on the campus and my parents work there.

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