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RISD Rhode Race 2013

Report by Brendan Diener
Well I'm very disappointed to be the first report for this race as everyone on this trip has a significant personal story. Mine began, as many of my reports often do, with complete tumble off the cliff of sanity.

Looking past the 30mins it took me to readjust my roof rack, we were all on time. The weekend had already started off on the wrong foot. Dispite this I was quite opponistic. Until I found out there are tropical rainforests in NY and CT and it was the height of rainy season. So limping along at 50 miles per hour in the dark, and poorly painted road, we headed towards Providence. The three musketeers and the blind mice arrived in town a little past 2:30. Lessons of the day, NEVER USE THE GW TIM! (we took the Tap-n-z its half the price).

Saturday began with a completely flat "AIR" mattress on a wood floor, and no one to cuddle with except joey. Needless to say no one wanted to do the timetrial with a 30 degree air temp high winds and general miserableness, we "slept" in. ( I didn't sleep). Unbeknowst to us we were supposed to marshall the TTT, completely missed our slot. After much scambling we ran out to the course. .....

Well by the time we arrived, they had conscripted other riders to fill our voids. Feeling juilty as hell, nickolas and I decided to help out anyway. We went and picked up trashbags, water, and of course TP for the new promoter. Had breakfast, and patched up a girl from unh with the super awesome medkit. We also marshaled, getting split up on opposite sides of the course. nick on a street corner, hiking his skirt. Me at another corner admist a swarm of bugs siting with a peace officer, listening to the sox game. I also did alot of yelling day one. Mo to move up (props for upgrading btw), Joe to mover back (sorry about wheels, towel, and your back), and just yelling at derek for being a freshman. That was saturday. Bike racing, baseball, and bugs.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

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