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Bard & RPI 2014 Race Reports

By Andrew Keenan

This past weekend started off, from what I have heard, just about like every other Drexel cycling weekend; leaving campus late and getting lost, haha. Once we found where we were staying, in the middle of the woods, we were set for the night. We woke up around 7:00 and went to find somewhere for breakfast before we headed over to the race site. The pre race routine was pretty normal, went to the bathroom, got dressed in the car out of the cold, did 3 laps of the crit course then got back in the car to stay warm.

I got up to the race line a little bit late so I was not in the front to start, probably 3 or 4 rows back. I ended up starting right next to one of the two kids I pace lined with at the Temple crit. Once the race started I moved my way up to about the top 10 on the first hill and then stayed there pretty much the whole race. I would make quick little jumps up to the front just to make sure my legs were ready to sprint at the end. At one point, with probably 6 or 7 laps to go I jumped out ahead of everyone on the uphill and broke away from the pack for a lap, just to see how quickly I could take the corners for the end of the race. Up until the last lap I stayed in the top 5, just keeping it easy. On the last lap going up the hill probably 10 guys tried to attack. At the top of the hill I was boxed in and that is when the kid who won attacked. No one followed him or seemed to care that he was breaking away except me. I managed to get to the outside and to the front where still no one had any intention of chasing him. I started to sprint going into turn 2 and then held that pace down the hill. At the bottom of the hill I took turn 3 hard and as soon as I was out of it I got up and sprinted the last probably 200 yards. At this point someone had jumped on my wheel. With about 20 yards left that kid passed me to barely beat me out for second. Overall I am pretty happy with the race, it was my first top 3 finish so Iíll take it.

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