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2014 USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals

By Andrew Keenan

USAT Collegiate Nationals 2014

                Time: 2:06.53

                Swim:  20:06 (1 mile)

                Bike:  58:33 (22.1 miles)

                Run:   44:50 (6.2 miles)

Race morning was a little different than usual. When I woke up I was not ready to race at all. Usually I spring out of bed ready to go, but that wasnít the case. Probably because I was racing so late. We made it to the race site by about 7:00 and got everything set up in transition. I still had 4 hours to wait in the hot sun before my wave went off. I had planned on eating a lot during that time but somehow I managed not to. When about 11:00 came around and I was waiting for the swim to start my stomach was growling. I just figured I would take a GU as soon as I got on the bike and drink all my HEED and that would hold me over. The first half of the swim there were about 10 of us out in front of our wave. Another kid and I jumped on some other kidís feet and drafted off him the whole first half. At the turn around point I lost both of these guys and swam the second half by myself. At this point I was still feeling very strong and pushed it a little. I passed probably 5 guys on the way back in and came out of the water in the top 5 of my wave, I think anyways. Transition was a mess, it was about the size of a football field with so many damn bikes and crap everywhere. I was just focused on not forgetting anything sense it was my first time racing in 8 months. As soon as I got onto the bike I started hammering it right away. The first half of the course was pretty flat and extremely fast. The first 4 miles I probably averaged 27mph, I was killing it. The second half was a little trickier, with two U-turns(which sucked), lots of other turns and some uphills. Stupid me, still hammered it on this part and by the start of the second lap I was starting to feel it. I went hard for the first half of the second lap and then started to pull back on the second half of the second lap. I was able to down my HEED and take a GU so I thought I was in good shape for the run. When I got back to transition, of course, I got lost finding my rack. Probably added another 20 seconds finding my rack. When I started the run I still felt strong; but I really was noticing how incredibly hot it was. Going from training in 20 degrees the week before to 80 degrees was a shock to say the least. My run times got slower and slower mile by mile. I was just losing it as time went on. I had planned on keeping it slow at the beginning of the run to prevent this from happening but I figured it was nationals, might as well go as hard as possible and whatever happens happens(stupid me, once again). The last half of the run was absolute hell, in the sun the whole time and the last mile more than half of it was on loose gravel, which did not help. I crossed the line in 2:06 and just about collapsed. Iím pretty sure I downed 3 bottles of water in under a minute. I felt absolutely awful at the end of the race, by far the worst Iíve ever felt at the end of a race.

Overall I was happy with the race though. My swim time was much faster than I thought it would be. My bike was pretty close to what I had planned (hammer it hard and then let up with about 2-3 miles left). And I canít complain about my run, it was my fastest run time by 2+ minutes in less than ideal conditions.

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