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Date: 1997-08-27
By: Rob

Let me tell you what is going on... I did this Mtn. bike race on Sunday, so here's the experience... Ok, Ok, so you say you're tired, right? Well ok then you should have gone to sleep sooner, but that's ok though because you couldn't have gone to sleep because you we out with your girlfriend until 12:00am! Not too late right, right, WRONG!!!! 'cause you've got a Mtn. bike race the next day and have to wake up at 4:00am just so you can drive 200 miles to some beautiful state park all the way out in Bumble-Phuk, PA. Hey we're pumped, we're rocking, the "Octupple Mocha"* you brewed is kickin' in, and kickin' in good. Damn straight, we're rollin' and more or less we're there, so to cut to race at Bucknell U...

Yeah, so it's an uphill start with a Chevy as your pace car, no gun to start, just exhaust!!! Crankin' uphill, gears slipping, soon a quick decent, only to turn the corner for another uphill that keeps going for a serious 2 miles! Only it's all gravel! The Patented Mocha is helping me hold on for a steady 4th place, wondering, "did I start out too fast, hummm?" Well, no downhills for you pal, but soon the worst singletrack I have ever seen, nothing but deep embedded rocks with fang like, moss covered, outcroppings. (sheesh!) But hey it went slow and then I crashed, nothing big, just a scrapped shin and an endo... Finally an opening, and what seems like a downhill winds up going right back up, and around the bend... hey a downhill, sike!! 10 yrds. of downhill with a hairpin turn going right back up the hill... ummmmm, yeah, we all pushed our bikes up!! Finally, there was this water station with these dehydrated students with 'Iron-Grip', because when I went to get my water from them, and tried to rip it out of their hand as I rode by, when I finally got my cup from them I only had enough for a sip! Well, after biking through this rock quarry, I get to the crest of this hill only to follow several guys the wrong way; while 4 others passed me. Soon I recovered a sense of direction and raced back down the same 2 miles we climbed, going maybe 30 - 40 mph downhill, to kick some-sort-of-ass and place 10th in collegiate division (C), and 6th in NORBA division (C). The sixth place was good enough to score me a new $80 helmet!!! Good, now I can use the money I saved to overhaul my front shocks!!

Patented by Schoutens Power Products Ltd. (You should have been there!)

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