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Penn State

Date: 1997-09-04
By: Rob

We left for Penn State on Friday at 3:00. But since we were following the U. Penn guys, we actually left at 4:45, just in time for rush HOUR! I won't tell you about the drive up, because a 4 hour letter would be boring. The only thing that happened on the way there, in the truck I was in (Dom's Truck), was that we got lost from Frank and half the boys from Penn (their mistake). We killed Kurt Cobain (again) and Led Zepplin maybe twice (dude, we need some new tapes). We got lost, and pulled over by some state troopers. Once we all emerged from the woods on this gravel road, we found the "Chateau in the Mtns." where we were staying. Everyone else missed out!!!!!! Frank & the rest showed up an hour and a half later. Besides me not bringing enough layers of clothing (25 degrees outside), the 11 bedroom, fully-furnished cabin was more than accommodating!!!! Stereo, pool table, shuffleboard, fire-place pit, and "breakfast"*!

Sat. Oct. 5: Waking up to 20 degree is tough, especially when registration closes at 8, you know? So you want to know about the race by now, WELL... Try to picture that one hill that was so long and steep that you could never climb it, and that rocky trailless singletrack that you're psyche wouldn't allow you to test. It was worse!!! And we liked it!!! "It was just me an' da mountain, baby!" Mt. Tussey chewed us up, and shat us out. It was nice because they put that ski slope first, so that it seemed to be "all down hill from there"!! On your way down the backside, the crazy, wacky singletrack led to this awesome decent that got steeper the closer to the bottom you were. So after your arm muscles cramp from the drop, you're supposed to take a 180 degree turn onto a fast paved road, good luck downshifting. The road went fast and soon I turned off the road where I ran my shoulder into one of those gates that state parks use to keep trucks out, ow! More single track prevailed, with a few log jumps, and stream crossings, followed by a very fast, low grade gravel road that did a few switch backs (watch for cars), and soon this jumped back into singletrack, paved road, and to a start of another lap!!! While we were finishing they had started the downhill slalom race, where we watched a bunch of guys eat shit (so to speak), including one guy with a sweet Trek Y-11 (full suspension bike), that hit so damn hard that when he got up he didn't know which way his handlebars went, or how he bent them. Another guy was going so fast by the finish that he locked his back break, slipped, and did a make-shift ass-slide for about 40ft. Results for the Collegiate "C" class (which we all raced), for a 14 mile race, Robert 4th @ 1hour 31min (one second off of 3rd), Dom 14th, Frank 25th, Pete 31th (all of these are unofficial times, since it was only posted Sunday and we had to leave Saturday). There were about 36 racers in our class. Overall we had a really awesome time, there was so much space in the cabin that spectators were welcome! This is a race that we are definitely going to do again, even if it is 4 hours away!!!

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