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Penn State

Date: 2001-08-01
By: Zajac

  •  Thursday night:I learn that the PSU race is being held a mere 15 miles from my house.Friday:Zeph, Jared and I show up in front of Myers at 6 pm. Jared says his computercrashed and can't go. Lou wanders by with his girlfriend, trying to convinceus that he's going for a jog. We wait around for half an hour for the 4thrider to show, but the 4th member who was to race on Saturday does not show. We decide that since the XC race isn't till Sunday, we don't need to leaveuntil Saturday. By that time, Jared could have his computer back on track andwould be able to join us afterall.Friday night:I make a few calls and get the OK for us to stay overnight at my place ratherthan staying in a hotel.Saturday:Zeph, Jared and I meet once again in front of Myers. Zephyr's friend Rebeccadecides to join us for team support. The four of us set out. We decide todrop Jared off at his house in Altoona, and catch a bite to eat at a familyrestaraunt close to his house. After dropping Jared off, we head back to myplace.Sunday:We wake up before 6, and realize that it is a mere 36 degrees outside. We setout for the race around 7.The course was much better than last year's PSU course. Filled with climbs,rock gardens, and some flats, the course was well marked (unlike last year). They had orange spray paint on just about every rock or log that could trip upa rider. Jared raced C class, Zeph B, and I raced A. All of us finished,which I consider a great success. I'm not sure of the exact placings of Zephor Jared (still not posted on the PSU website), but I came in 11th out of 20or so riders. After the race, we head back to my place to shower, eat, then head back toPhilly.
  •  The events of the past weekend made one thing very clear: communication amongteam members needs much improvement. If I had known early in the week thatthe race was being held at Blue Knob Ski Resort this year, we could haveavoided all of the trouble of making hotel reservations, then cancelling them. In addition, it is quite frustrating when someone decides that they are goingto race, but then fail to show up or even make a phone call to cancel out. Perhaps I'm being unfair or asking too much without knowing the realsituation, but that just seems like common sense to me, and could avoidfrustration and wasted time in the future. I know I've been guilty of this toa certain degree. Joe has a great idea of creating a list with everyone'stelephone number, email address, and location.
  •  Mike "I like to race" Zajac
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