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Date: 2001-08-07
By: Zajac

Race report for Plattekill:

  •  Racers:
  • *   Michael Zajac (Men's A XC)
  • *   Zeph Riendeau (Men's B XC)
  • *   Jared Crossman (Men's C XC)
  • *   Dan Henimann (Men's C XC)
  • *   Justin Kline (Men's C XC)
  • *   Jake Li (Men's B downhill)
  • *   Chris (?) (Men's B downhill)
  • *   Martha Twardowski (Team support)
  •  Friday:5:30 Meet in front of Myers. Fill out necessary paperwork.7:00 Depart.11-ish Arrive at Highland Fling Inn. We all go to sleep shortly thereafter.
  •  Saturday:We wake up to the sound of pouring rain. We eat a great breakfast prepared byIris, our hospitable host, and head for the mountain. During registration welearn that there are changes for this year's race. Much to the delight of 4out if 5 cross-country racers present, the cross country course is differentthis year. Due to ski lift construction, there would be no 1000' of climbing,and no fast downhill. Instead, XC racers were taken to the top of themountain on the ski lift, where a 5-mile loop was set up. We were told thatthe 1000' climb would be back for easterns in 2 weeks. Thankfully the rainstopped about 2 hours before the XC racers started. The course wasn't toobad, but since it had rained all morning, the roots and rocks were tough tonegotiate.
  •  Results (from what I remember):I finished second to last in Men's A (21 out of 22). All racers in Men's Afinished (no DNF's). Zeph came in last in Men's B (26th I believe). Therewere about 10 DNF's in Men's B. In Men's C, Dan finished second to last, andI'm not exactly sure where Jared and Justin finished. Considering the factthat we all finished, I consider the results a great success for the team,especially since there were no serious injuries.
  •  Sunday:We return to the mountain for some downhill action. After watching some ofthe Expert downhillers negotiate a 6' drop off, our team cheers on Jake andChris. Both raced Men's B. I'm not sure how they ranked, but both did quitewell I believe.After checking out of the Highland Fling Inn, we head for home. All was well,even up to the point when we stopped for some pizza at a small pizza jointalong the way. We agree to meet at the first rest stop along the JerseyTurnpike, then head out. Shortly thereafter, things went awry.Unfortunately, Dan took a wrong turn. Zephyr and Jake, the other two drivers,continue on. Zeph stops at the rest stop as planned. We wait around for sometime, hoping the other guys swing by. Unfortunately, the other cars didn'thave cell phones, so there was no way of knowing what was going on. Realizingthat waiting at the rest area could be a waste of time, we set out back forPhilly, and get in about 10:30 P.M.
  •  I guess it was about 1 A.M. I was about to doze off for the night, when thephone rings. It was Zephyr. He relates to me what happened to Dan and theother two guys he was driving with (Jared and Justin). After they made thewrong turn, while trying to get back on track, they made a horrible discovery. Two of the bikes they were carrying on the back of Dan's car, belonging toJustin and Jerad, had fallen off. It seems Dan's rack failed, and the bunjie(sp?) cords tying the bikes to the rack did not hold. They found the bikes,but obviously both were a total loss.
  •  I guess the thing to do now is to ask around and see if anyone has a sparebike laying around so that these guys can race next weekend.
  •  Zajac
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